Oracle Introduces New Logistics Capabilities as Company Continues to Improve its Product

By Thomas Price Monday, February 1, 2021

As the COVID-19 vaccine begins to roll out across the United States (US) and all over the world, both companies and individuals alike have pushed for improvements across the entire logistics business. Especially considering the massive rise of ecommerce over the past year due to shutdowns and capacity limits for in-person shopping, logistics has never seen more investments from companies in need of greater efficiency. Massive technology and applications company Oracle recently announced new logistics capabilities from Oracle Fusion Cloud Supply Chain & Manufacturing, as well as updates to both Oracle Transportation Management and Oracle Global Trade Management. These updates from the company could radically improve the logistics business within a relatively short period of time.

Oracle sign at its Santa Clara Campus.

Oracle’s Updated Features and Services

Oracle’s improvements across a variety of the services the company offers are a serious boost for all businesses involved in or that rely on supply chain operations. While the impact of the improvements the company has made will not be fully understood for months, Oracle has already released the details about all of the new capabilities.

The newest features that the company has announced are Oracle logistics machine learning, rules of origin qualification, connected logistics, ocean enhancements, 3D load configuration editor, and finally, new Oracle logistics digital assistant capabilities.

The Oracle logistics machine will help users to properly predict transit times, reduce costs, increase logistics efficiency, and improve user experience. The rules of origin qualification will help users comply with trade agreements without rigorous research. Furthermore, connected logistics will allow businesses to connect multiple different parts of the company’s services in order to better manage and predict shipments and inventories.

The ocean enhancements will automate all transactions between a business and an ocean carrier to streamline the process. The company’s new 3D load configuration editor will give business owners flexibility in managing container-based shipments in order to optimize how they are loaded. Finally, the new Oracle logistics digital assistant capabilities will allow companies to access all shipment data and even send new requests while on the go.

Possible Implications of Oracle’s Improvements

The company’s improvements and new features have the opportunity to make serious changes if adopted by the many businesses which use Oracle’s suite. This is especially true considering the sheer size and influence of the company on logistics. As more businesses continue to see upticks in ecommerce, large scale logistics improvements will allow for cheaper, more efficient shipping across the globe.

When commenting on the recently increased capabilities of the Oracle products, Oracle Vice President of Supply Chain Management Product Strategy Derek Gittoes said, “Oracle Cloud SCM delivers enhancements and updates to customers on a quarterly basis. But beyond that, we realize that the last year has been a massive stress test for supply chains across the globe. Organizations across all industries are reimagining their supply chains to focus on resilience and to help withstand future disruptions—and we want to help support our customers in that effort. With the enhancements to Oracle Transportation Management and Oracle Global Trade Management, customers can now embrace robust and resilient logistics processes to keep the business moving efficiently.”

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