Online Food Delivery Is the Major Force Behind Digital Payment Growth

By Thomas Price Tuesday, February 9, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed many different aspects of life since its exponential spread back in early 2020. Behavioral changes due to lockdowns have led to several different economic changes in consumption. Comscore is a company built to analyze media across platforms, among other things. Their recent findings have shown that the incredible rise of food delivery apps in place of in-person dining has resulted in a surge of business and transactions taking place digitally.

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Comscore’s Findings and Digital Payment Growth

Comscore is a business that deals specifically in transacting, planning, and evaluating the many different platforms of media that are currently being consumed. The company’s work leads to genuine insight into the driving causes behind certain surges or dips in consumption and can help to pinpoint what works and what does not for media companies in response.

In 2020, Comscore began a specific section of their analytics and findings department to monitor and report on the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on certain consumption habits. The result patterns have been significant data-based discoveries across the board.

The company recently reported its findings regarding current growth trends in the digital payment sector, as ecommerce has become one of the largest ways to purchase items of all types. The company recently reported that one of the largest drivers behind increased online consumption was traced back to food delivery services.

In fact, in Q2 of 2020, 31% of digital consumers had ordered food for delivery online. In comparison to Q3 of 2019, this is an impressive 14% increase. While the number of individuals buying food for delivery online has increased, what may be more effective in the surge is the increase in the frequency of online food delivery purchases. 36% of those polled reported not simply ordering food online but ordering food online more often than normal, as well.

The increase in food delivery ordering led to extensive growth from the many companies that have created third-party apps for food delivery. In fact, the top five companies saw an 18% increase in unique visitors over the course of the year, leading to a massive boost in new business. This was especially true for companies such as UberEats and DoorDash, who saw their business grow by 58% and 41%, respectively.

Other Insights From Comscore

Online food delivery companies were not the only ones to benefit from the COVID-19 pandemic. The streaming business was subject to a massive increase in 2020 as average daily OTT streaming hours increased by 30%. TV networks also had strong years as cable viewing increased by 73% in 2020, with business networks in particular seeing a 95% jump in viewership. In-home data usage was also a major benefactor of the pandemic, with jumps in growth over March, April, and May.

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