Startup Company Oath Care Raises $2 Million to Build Social Platform for Mothers

By James White Sunday, May 2, 2021

Being a new mother can seem overwhelming at times; however, finding support from experienced parents and other new mothers is often helpful to women entering motherhood. The challenge is simply finding, connecting, and building a network of support. Startup healthcare business Oath Care seeks to bring new mothers together with each other as well as specialists through its new social platform and app. The startup social healthcare company recently received $2 million from investors to accelerate development of its social platform and mobile app.

“We’ve got a system today where everything is fragmented: medical knowledge is siloed, care is episodic, even the experience of healthcare itself is lonely,” said Camilla Hermann, CEO and co-founder of Oath. “We believe intentional, intimate community is the single most important lever in driving long-term positive health outcomes. This is why we created Oath as first a social company that is ultimately defining an entirely new system for human wellbeing.”

Funding for the social healthcare startup company was driven by XYZ Venture Capital, General Catalyst, and Muse Capital. Additionally, Eros Resmini, former CMO of Discord and managing partner of the Mini Fund, also provided support for the business and its unique healthcare app. The new financing for Oath will be used to make new hires for the startup and accelerate the growth of the platform and app for the healthcare business. The social healthcare app is slated for a public launch later this year.

Oath co-founders Dr. Michelle Stephens and Camilla Hermann.

A Social Community of Healthcare Support

Co-founded by Hermann alongside entrepreneur and doctor Michelle Stephens, Oath seeks to redefine the way new mothers find support. The San Francisco-based startup company unites expert guidance with a strong sense of community through its social healthcare app.

Oath begins by creating Circles. The startup company forms Circles by matching parents using criteria including the stage of pregnancy or age of the child, location, and career. Circles built by the healthcare business consist of 6 to 10 parents, as well as a trained facilitator with her own children and a wealth of personal experience to share with members. The facilitator ensures a safe space for members to share their questions, challenges, and parenting victories.

The startup business also connects Circles with healthcare providers, including family and marriage therapists, nutritionists, pediatric nurses, and more. Experts can easily visit Circles to provide guidance and answer any nagging questions.

“Oath has tapped into an essential need, with an abundance of quality, highly vetted resources that deliver exactly the experience people crave in a very simple, direct and personal manner,” said Chauncey Hamilton, Partner at XYZ and Oath member.

Investors are Backing Parenting Startups

Oath is tapping into a lucrative market as investors continue to show support for startups in the business of making parents’ lives easier. Peanut, a social networking app for mothers, has raised $17 million from investors, and startup company Cleo has garnered over $80 million to provide employers with support programs for working families. Oath has positioned itself in a rapidly expanding industry.

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