NY Startup Raises $16 Million to Help Businesses Manage Online Communities

By Bruce Harpham Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Commsor, a New York software management startup company founded in 2019, has raised $16 million in funding from investors. Online communities have grown far beyond social media networks like Facebook and Twitter. The growth in forum platforms, such as voice platforms like Clubhouse and others, creates a problem. It is challenging to engage with their customers in so many different places consistently.

Commsor is helping companies improve customer retention and acquisition by simplifying online communities. The business platform can be connected with both short-lived event communities such as a group of people attending a virtual event or longer-term communities such as a group of developers on Github.

While any company can grow with communities, Commsor co-founder and CEO Mac Reddin told VentureBeat that the B2B enterprise segment is its current business focus.

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The Investors Who Believe in Commsor

Some startup companies compete in well-established business categories like cybersecurity or customer relationship management. Commsor is a company taking a different business path by focusing on a newer niche: online communities. By Commsor’s estimate, 60% of today’s community tools are less than three years old. Fortunately for the software startup company, several investors believe in the promise of online community management.

Seven Seven Six and Felicis Ventures acted as the lead VC firms in the startup business's Series A funding round. Based in Florida, Seven Seven Six has previously invested in Clash (a social video app company for video creators) and Dispo (a social network app focused on photos). Felicis Ventures is a well-established VC firm that has made over four hundred investments in startup companies. Felicis Ventures's successful investments include Shopify (stock ticker: TSE: SHOP), Fitbit (acquired by Google in 2021), and Credit Karma (acquired by Intuit).

Product Hunt, Notion, and Outreach Support Commsor

Pioneering a relatively new business concept — community-led growth — is a critical element of Commsor's strategy. To bring their vision to life, the software startup business has published a community manifesto. The manifesto has attracted support from dozens of technology companies such as Hopin, Lattice, Notion, Outreach, and Product Hunt.

The community-led manifesto includes several core principles: “Community is central, not treated as a bolt-on to sales, marketing, support, or any other department."

Many startup companies are investing in community departments. According to AngelList, multiple companies such as CircleUp, Gong.io, TigerGraph, MongoDB, and Product Hunt are hiring for community positions. Common job titles include Community Engagement Associate, Customer Community Manager, Community Support, and Head of Community.

Increasing Integrations Is a Key Goal

To live up to its promise to be the “community operating system,” Commsor has to integrate with as many tools and platforms as possible. As of February 2021, the platform has over two hundred integrations, according to VentureBeat.The software startup company currently has integrations with Slack, Twitter, Mailchimp, and Zoom.

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