Nubix Raises Seed Funding as the Startup’s Product Sees Increased Demand

By Thomas Price Monday, January 4, 2021

With billions of devices being shipped and utilized all over the world, the demand for edge native applications is growing at a breakneck pace. Specifically, in regard to microcontrollers, which present certain difficulties in adapting to the speed of new innovations and technologies, solutions are needed to help change this. Nubix is a startup that is aiming to provide answers to this challenge, and their edge native applications platform might be one of them. As a result of this work, Nubix recently secured strong funding for their seed round. So, how precisely does Nubix actually work, what kind of funding did they receive, and what can be expected of the startup in the near future?

What Does Nubix Do?

Nubix is a startup focused on developing tiny containers and tiny services that could change the makeup of the current business process for internet of things development. The startup is in the process of creating the best edge native application platform. This platform allows for a series of advancements in microcontroller devices such as expediting the deployment of microcontrollers through the use of tiny containers.

Other applications of Nubix’s products include analyzing data right at the edge instead of forcing developers to transport data from the device into the cloud. Usually, this is the case before anything can be done in their process. Therefore, by sensorizing applications through the use of their platform’s independent modules, they can edgify development using pre-programmed tiny services, which can be developed once and deployed anywhere.

Nubix’s tiny containers and tiny services make the entire process of creating microcontrollers significantly faster and safer allowing for developers to focus on application logic and build edge native applications on the startup’s platform.

When speaking on the products the startup offers, co-founder and CEO of Nubix, Rachel Taylor said, “Our unique innovation in container and services technology enables unprecedented agility and safety when building, deploying and managing applications at the edge. We're delivering on digital transformation's requirements for agile compute at the edge, empowering organizations to analyze data in real-time where the data is actually created.”

In a similar vein, co-founder and vice president at Surge Solutions, Inc., Robert Fortenberry, whose company currently uses the services offered by Nubix, said, “With a real-time monitoring system in place, we can now make 'game-time' decisions based on knowledge of flows and precise tank levels. This approach will reduce cost and improve measurement, accuracy, and staff safety while enabling customized management of facility activities.”

The high praise toward the innovative products and platform from Nubix has garnered attention for the startup from a collection of investors.

Nubix’s Funding Round and Future Plans

In Nubix’s recent seed funding round, the startup raised a respectable $2.7 million. The funding round was led by Tuscan Management with participation from Blackhorn Ventures, Engage Ventures, Center Electric, Momenta Ventures, and Mentors Fund, Bee Partners, and Chevron Technology Ventures. The managing partner at Tuscan Management, Joshua Silber, will join the board at the startup. The addition of Silber along with the seed funding, shows that Nubix has strong plans for the future.

For the startup, the new funding will help support Nubix’s plan to expand engineering through team management or research and development. Although no details have been released on how the startup plans on using the new funding, improving the edge native platform will certainly help the company continue to grow, especially as it continues to attract more customers.

Nubix is building tiny containers and tiny services that are filling the incredible demand that the industry is creating. The seed funding will certainly help the startup build on what is already an impressive foundation.

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