Nommi Raises $20 Million to Launch Robotic Kitchen’s Bowl-Based Meals

By Thomas Price | Saturday, November 27, 2021 | Startup, Tech, Food and Beverage

Nommi is a food tech startup that is building a fully automated, robotic kitchen created to serve healthy meals in a faster, more efficient way. The company recently closed its latest funding round to help support the launch of its first kitchen to the public and grow the business.

Nommi Robotic Kitchen.

Nommi’s Robotic Kitchen and Business Potential

Food tech startup Nommi has developed robotic automation tools that are designed to fully reproduce a restaurant kitchen. The company utilizes small carts placed on a track that carries the food bowls to assemble the meals. The bowls are set up to stop at multiple stations where the base ingredients are dropped in to create a full meal. These stations allow the startup kitchen’s robots to be used in a variety of different meals by switching out the base ingredients.

What sets Nommi’s robotic kitchen apart from other, similar automated systems is the ability to cook the food and the self-cleaning technology. Each robotic kitchen is capable of holding 330 bowls within the system before it needs to be refilled.

The company also claims to maximize its clients’ profits. By significantly reducing the labor costs of running a restaurant, Nommi reports that a restaurant can increase its profits by 4x.

The food tech startup is also growing its business at an incredibly rapid rate. Nommi recently agreed to a business partnership with Creating Culinary Communities (C3), where the startup will deploy 1,000 robotic kitchen units. This deal is worth an estimated $60 million in revenue per year.

Furthermore, C3 and Nommi are expected to launch a pilot program with Chef Masaharu Morimoto’s brand, Sa’Moto. In this program, the food tech startup will completely run a Sa’Moto restaurant and prepare its full menu with the robotic kitchen 24 hours a day.

Nommi Funding Round and Future Business Plans

In its most recent business funding, Nommi raised $20 million. The funding round was backed by Sam Nazarian and Wavemaker Labs, a robotic incubator. The company has now achieved a public valuation of $80 million.

The funding raised will allow the company to continue to expand its business by partnering with more restaurants and expediting the manufacturing process for its robotic kitchen equipment. Nommi currently has six restaurants planned for robotic kitchen integration if the Sa’Moto pilot program is successful.

With the food tech startup projecting a future labor shortage of about 3.7 million people over the next 10 years, the demand for robotic kitchens to prepare meals for a restaurant could prove to be a solution.

When commenting on the latest funding round and new business partnership, Founder and CEO of C3, Sam Nazarian, said, “The sky is the limit through our partnership with Nommi to further expand C3's food tech offerings. With Nommi, we are working to reimagine the restaurant experience by partnering AI with proven recipes and menu's helmed by C3's world renowned chefs. By doing so, we are taking traditional concepts and making them new for an ever-changing restaurant industry. We are thrilled to be at the forefront of the digital kitchen revolution and with the support of the team at Nommi.”

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