Nintendo Plans for Record Year of Sales as the Company Continues to Back the Switch

By Thomas Price Monday, March 15, 2021

Following a year where the COVID-19 pandemic boosted interest in video games in consumers across the board, video game company Nintendo looks to continue that trend into the next fiscal year. This optimism from the company comes from the expectations for continued strength in Switch sales, their flagship console, along with the release of several marquee, video game titles to drum up even more business. The recent report on sales from the company for the month of February serves as a strong indicator of what may come in the near future.

A Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo’s Ongoing Success With the Switch

One of the major reasons for the bold predictions from the video game company is due to the massive popularity of their flagship product, the Nintendo Switch. After lackluster sales of the previous console, the Wii U, the company has seen a boom in demand coming from the Switch.

In fact, the Switch recently surpassed the Nintendo DS in total lifetime dollars made, making it the second best selling system the video game company has ever created. The incredible business the system generates has continued well past the initial release year as well.

Backed off of the incredible sales and demand for the Switch, the company recently released information on one of the best fiscal Februarys in nearly a decade. In comparison to February of 2020, sales increased by a whopping 121%.

This translates roughly to $406 million over the course of the entire month. When expanding the scope, this is now the most successful February the business has had since 2011, when sales for the Wii led them to $468 million.

Business looks to sustain this level of performance into the new fiscal year as demand remains steady.

Nintendo’s Optimism for the Future

Nintendo looks to replicate the same success seen in their 2020 fiscal year, even without the increased demand coming from the COVID-19 pandemic. The video game business plans to achieve this through the upcoming release of a revised version of the Switch that will come with a larger display, better graphics, and stronger hardware. This release is expected to take place in the second half of the year, boosting business in the back half.

On top of this, while no major titles have been announced quite yet, Nintendo has a major lineup of new games that are set to be released to the public over the course of the fiscal year, bumping software sales to 250 million units. This would already be a major improvement in business from the current fiscal year ending in March, which is on pace for 205 million units in software sales.

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