NexHealth Helps 25,000 Healthcare Providers

By Bruce Harpham Friday, February 12, 2021

Remembering all of your healthcare appointments is getting easier, thanks to NexHealth. The healthcare startup company has built appointment scheduling software to help dental and medical practices schedule patients more effectively. Based in San Francisco, the startup company already serves 25,000 healthcare providers.

NexHealth founders Waleed Asif and Alamin Uddin.

Who Uses the Platform?

“Generally, the patients are younger, in larger metropolitan areas like New York City. In terms of health care service used, it skews towards dentistry since we have more dental providers on our platform than other practice types,” Kyle Johnson, vice president of growth at NexHealth, told Startup Savant.

$20 Million in Investor Support

“To date, we've raised a total of about $20M in venture funding, $4.2 million backed by Point Nine Capital and around $15 million from product-driven founders like Rahul Vohra, Scott Belsky, Josh Buckley, and Naval Ravikant,” Johnson commented.

Scott Belsky co-founded Behance in 2006 (acquired by Adobe in 2012). In addition, Belsky is the author of two books: Making Ideas Happen and The Messy Middle. Naval Ravikant is the CEO and co-founder of AngelList. He has also invested in Postmates, Twitter, Uber (stock ticker: NYSE: UBER), and Yammer.

Growth With Cold Calling

Cold calling might not be the most exciting task, but it gets the job done. The startup company used calling to get started. “Our CEO Alamin Uddin and Bobby, our first account executive, led the cold calling effort and it got the job done,” Johnson told Startup Savant.

The NexHealth team.

How NexHealth Helps Dentists Grow

“Dentists are business and marketing savvy. They understand there's more to getting and retaining patients than a fancy website and some online advertisements. NexHealth Real-time online scheduling increases their conversion rates, helping them get more appointments with less work for the office staff,” Johnson explains.

The company’s founders have first-hand experience in the dental industry so that experience helped with serving the dental profession.

Why NexHealth Focused on Appointments

There are many different problems in the healthcare industry. Out of all of those problems, the startup company has focused on improving patient scheduling. It is a significant challenge. Dental Economics reports that 10% of dental appointments are no-shows. Losing one appointment per day could cause a dental practice to lose $20,000 to $79,000 in revenue annually.

“Healthcare practices are appointment-based businesses, so any unfilled slot is a missed opportunity. Getting patients to show up can be more work than you'd think. Without automation, this falls on the office staff to manually call and verify appointments with patients to ensure a low no-show rate. Our customers love the automated help NexHealth provides with these essential but time-consuming tasks,” Johnson commented.

What’s Next for the Healthcare Startup Company

“We're excited about improvements to our Universal EHR API, both in terms of feature support and new integrations. Today, the API primarily serves scheduling and communication workflows. We’re looking at supporting billing and insurance use cases,” Johnson shared in an interview.

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