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By Adriaan Brits Thursday, September 3, 2020

Millions of businesses worldwide in both the hospitality and tourism industry have seen a slight improvement in support and growth over the last few months as lockdown regulations have started to ease in America, Europe, and some parts of Asia. The surge of the global pandemic has seen thousands of restaurants, bars, night clubs, hotels, travel agencies, and others alike scramble to find innovative ways to keep their business profitable amid the growing economic recession.

A new podcast series by the award-winning PR agency, Hanna Lee Communications (HLC), has recently launched, specializing in hospitality and travel and is becoming a smart, yet functional way to help many businesses in these industries. The hospitality and travel industry have been among the hardest hit by an economic downturn in the last few months, even with lockdown regulations being eased.

Latest Data Regarding Restaurants and Dining Houses in the US

In the latest data by Rally For Restaurants, an initiative supported by revealed that in some major cities, restaurant profits have declined as much as 80% since the start of the pandemic.

Major metropolitan areas have seen a sharp decline in sales and profits, with New York (-66,4%), Washington D.C. (-56,5%), San Francisco (-66,2%), Seattle (-52,3%) and Miami (-50,4%) being among the many being impacted the most.

Compared to the previous year, daily revenue trends and overall local support have been very challenging for most restaurants, bars, bakeries, cafes, and alike, with New York, San Francisco, and Philadelphia taking the lead with an average of -70% decline in daily revenue. Although the data reveals the grim reality for many restaurant owners, the recent easing of lockdown regulations is slowly helping these businesses get back on their feet.

“Hospitality Forward” - Hanna Lee Communication’s Podcast Series

The “Hospitality Forward” series, hosted by Hanna Lee and Michael Anstendig, will be a weekly feature, showcasing some of the top journalists and industry experts in hospitality and travel.

Lee and Anstendig are combining years of industry experience in PR, media, marketing, hospitality, and travel to teach and show industry professionals how their business can earn the media’s spotlight. The core crux of the series will focus on how business owners can get people and media to notice their company.

What Is the Podcast Series About?

Sharing Ideas and Creating Stories

A list of lucrative and well-known journalists, writers, freelancers, and editors for the New York Times, Time Out New York, Bloomberg, Entrepreneurs, and Food & Wine (to name a few) will be sharing ideas and creative concepts on how hospitality and travel business owners can generate stories and lead traffic to their businesses.

“Hospitality Forward” will be an open resource of industry experience and information, giving restaurants, bars, travel agencies, and others alike a new way to approach their target audience, and rethink how they’re portrayed in the media.

Getting on the Radar

Getting on the radar and being relevant to an ever-changing market of buyers and followers is one of the most challenging aspects of the hospitality industry. More so, it has become increasingly difficult as frequented restaurant-goers, travelers, and fine brand supporters might hold back their dollars in the coming months.

Having better media exposure, being noticed by interested followers, and staying relevant in the current economic market is one of the important elements Lee and Anstendig will be carrying throughout the series. Lee and Anstendig have steered hundreds of successful and effective marketing campaigns, and small business owners can now use their knowledge and expertise to their advantage.

HLC has built a network of high-end brands and groups over the last 16 years with some including JF Restaurants, Mionetto Prosecco, Giorgio Armani's Armani/Ristorante Fifth Avenue, and Danny Meyer's Union Square Hospitality Group.

Exposure and Insight

Podcasts are a simple and effective way to incite an idea or perspective to thousands of listeners anywhere. Those who do find success in their podcasts have managed to help a small handful of people to receive well-needed exposure.

“Hospitality Forward” will bring a host of elements to the table, offering both exposure and insight from industry professionals. Reshaping the future of hospitality and travel isn’t an easy task, but starting somewhere will help hundreds of business owners rethink their business and marketing strategies.

Final Take

There might be a scarcity of physical resources, and many business owners are looking to reinvent how their business is operated and covered in the media. Adapting to times that many have never endured before can reveal how some brands can quickly become household names.

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