Startup Company NephroSant Monitors the Health of Kidneys Post-Transplant and Raises $16 Million

By Elijah Labby Tuesday, March 23, 2021

NephroSant is a healthcare testing startup company that wants to make sure people who have had kidney transplants are thriving, even after they’ve walked out of the doctor’s office. The company has raised $16 million to help the mission.

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What Does NephroSant Do?

The NephroSant startup company approach is to test urine to make sure that patients’ kidneys are functioning correctly after transplant — an invention the healthcare company calls Qsant. The investment was led by DaVita Venture Group, a venture capital company whose aim is to increase awareness and cures for kidney-related illnesses through investment in the kidney healthcare business.

How the Startup Business Feels About the Investment

"We are very excited about the opportunity to work with DaVita, a recognized leader in kidney care," said Dr. Minnie Sarwal, CEO and founder of the startup company.

Representatives from the DaVita venture capital company said that they were also excited to work with NephroSant’s healthcare testing startup business to bring about the future of kidney health.

"Transforming kidney care requires bold innovation, which is precisely why DaVita Venture Group invested in NephroSant and its game-changing solution that helps patients manage their transplanted kidney health," said Dr. Jeff Giullian, Chief Medical Officer at the DaVita venture capital business. "As a transplant nephrologist, I look forward to a future where patients not only have greater access to a transplant but also can extend the life of a transplant with Qsant."

The Necessity of Kidney-Focused Healthcare Testing Technologies

According to the United Network for Organ Sharing, kidney transplants topped the list of the most common surgeries in 2019 at well over 23,000 transplants total.

With all those people who received transplants and undoubtedly many more to come, it’s clear that the NephroSant healthcare testing startup company is filling a need in the kidney transplant monitoring business. If that wasn’t convincing enough, consider the value of the healthcare monitoring business.

The Value of the Healthcare Startup Market

The healthcare analytical testing market is expected to grow at a rate of 11.4% over the next four years and is anticipated to reach a valuation of $8.4 billion by 2025, according to market research firm Markets and Markets.

That’s big growth for the healthcare testing business, and the NephroSant startup company is in a great position to profit from it if all goes according to plan.

What’s Next for NephroSant?

Now that the healthcare testing startup company has established a sizable amount of startup business funding, it’s turning its attention toward research and development of Qsant, as well as getting Qsant to more people who need it, a mission that Michele Colucci, founder and managing partner for DigitalDx Ventures, had high praise for.

"As Nephrosant's first institutional investor, we are honored to welcome DaVita Venture Group and follow them into this next round of funding," she said. "Dr. Minnie Sarwal's non-invasive urine tests for kidney health and transplant rejection are revolutionary.”

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