Startup Business Nebula Mat Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Smart Doormat

By James White Saturday, May 8, 2021

Maintaining a tidy home is often a time-consuming yet important task. Routinely cleaning and disinfecting surfaces is always important, but especially so during the global pandemic. In today’s modern age, many homeowners are able to find smart devices to help them attend to the business of cleaning. Whether it's a robotic vacuum or an automated air purifying system, simple smart devices make chores a little easier. Startup company Nebula Mat recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for its disinfecting smart doormat.

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“Technology now influences the design of everything around us,” the startup business said on the company website. “Why leave out the door mat? In a current environment driving a need for greater health and wellness, our mission was to create a mat that adapted to today’s needs. Nebula effectively minimizes germs from entering your home so you can have peace of mind that those inside remain safe and healthy.”
Nebula Mat hopes to generate $25,000 for its startup business from crowdfunding investors. The all-or-nothing campaign will allow early adopters to invest in the disinfecting startup company until May 29. So far, Nebula Mat has generated over $2,700 from six investors.

Early investors in the disinfecting smart device built by the startup business are able to reserve the smart mat at a substantial discount before the product sells for a retail price of about $250. If the campaign is successful, Nebula Mat expects production of its smart device to take place in September, with deliveries being fulfilled sometime in October of this year.

Disinfecting by Stopping Bacteria at the Door

Founded by entrepreneurs Abhishek Tandon and Kanak Subramanian, the startup company aims to upgrade a home product that has largely been left behind by the smart device revolution.

Nebula Mat claims to have created a “first of its kind” doormat capable of eliminating harmful bacteria that could be tracked into the house on the bottom of the user’s shoes. The smart device built by the startup business uses motion sensors to determine when the user steps onto the mat. When shoes are situated on the doormat, the device uses an EPA-registered spray to eliminate bacteria from the footwear. The medical-grade spray is safe for skin, meaning users can use the smart device from the startup company on open footwear like sandals and heels.

After the mist is applied, users simply shift to the built-in microfiber pad to absorb any excess moisture and step into their home. The startup company designed the microfiber pads to be reusable and washable for eco-conscious users. Furthermore, the startup business provides a sustainable solution for replenishing its disinfecting spray through recyclable misting pods.

Entering the Smart Device Industry

Nebula Mat is breaking into a lucrative business, as smart devices are continuing to find their way into consumers' homes. Market research expects the global smart home devices market to grow at a CAGR of 20.4% through 2027. The startup company stands out in the sea of smart device businesses by providing users with a unique device to protect their homes from harmful germs and bacteria.

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