As Some Americans Return to Work, Top Business Advisers Suggest Using Nature to Improve Productivity in the Office

By Adriaan Brits Friday, June 19, 2020

With thousands set to return to work, the focus now needs to be on how business owners can help their employees in these unprecedented times. Stress is something that has no benefit to anyone. So, how can business owners and workers kill stress and boost productivity in the office? This question is especially important after such a long lay off; the need to motivate your employees is arguably more challenging than ever. 

As most of us experience, nature can contribute positively to the mental and physical health of a person. And it surely helps reduce stress and boost the feeling of happiness that leads to creativity and productivity. Adrian Leaman’s piece on dissatisfaction and office productivity looks into how our surroundings can affect our general mood and work rate.

Whenever we visit or view a natural landscape such as forests, hills, valleys, rivers, etc., we often experience peace, happiness, and extra energy from within. These experiences are why doctors sometimes encourage their patients to spend time with nature and explore. 

In business, nature has effectivity on work and productivity. Therefore, Amazon decided to outfit its offices with forty thousand plants. This act is a simple way to incorporate nature into your offices and reduce stress conditions that will ultimately bring more productivity, innovation, and creativity to your workplace.

How Entrepreneurs Can Bring Low-Budget Nature Into the Office to Increase Productivity 

Let's look at low budget or zero budget investments to bring a little of outside nature into the work arena. One can simply bring a pet or a plant inside the office premises. If viable, you can make a wide view of any park or greenery from outside of the office. 

If you are allergic to pets and plants and don’t have a greenery-filled view, you can add water and light reflections. The water movements and light reflections produce calming effects on the heart and help to keep us alert and active. So, nature and its atmosphere always help to affect our mental and physical health conditions. Adding a natural atmosphere inside on budget-friendly terms is a deal.

Adding a Natural Atmosphere to the Office

Here are some points that will help guide you to add nature and its effects inside your office: 

  • Use a net curtain to hang outside a window. This curtain will work in two ways; it will keep insects like mosquitoes and bees, etc. outside and will also help the fresh air and light to get inside the office. The patterns generated through the net will help you get the light pattern and reflections inside the office. The freshness that will come with the natural sunlight and fresh air will help you keep active and creative and to work more efficiently.
  • If you can’t add natural plants inside your office, you can add a plant puppet inside your office that will add some green color, and it will give a soothing effect to your eyes. Or, if you have a balcony, terrace, or a space outside your window, you can also add the plant puppets or even natural plants outside so that you can have a refreshing view from your window while working. And the shadow of those plants and their movements will provide you with a feeling of plants as part of your office.
  • The effect of light reflection on water and its effect inside the office that can make you feel on a bridge looking at the river or seawater etc. reflecting sunlight and provide a soothing feel to your heart and create alertness. For this, you can place a shallow tray containing water on the windowsill. The sunlight will be reflected and will provide a wind animated effect inside the office. You can also create this effect through a light source reflected on the water in the night. This will also help you to get a rainy effect through the artificial ripples’ projection.

When your employees return to work, make sure they are welcomed into a new natural environment that will hopefully see the productivity go through the roof and the benefactor will be your business.

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