Moss Raises Funding as Startup Creates Corporate Credit Card

By Thomas Price Thursday, January 28, 2021

As more and more small businesses around the world begin to slowly grow, their demand for capital increases. This usually comes in the form of loans from a bank or, for slightly smaller purchases, a corporate credit card. Moss is a startup based in Germany that has created a platform for small- and medium-sized businesses for companies to have access to a corporate credit card with appropriate rates. Considering the rising demand for corporate credit scores around the world and especially in Germany, the startup recently raised money for its business in its recent funding round.

What Moss Does and Their Platform

Moss is a startup based in Germany with a corporate credit card platform specifically created with small- and medium-sized business owners in mind. What makes the startup unique in comparison to most traditional credit card companies is its risk engine.

The risk engine is the startup’s software that was developed to determine the precise limit a business can have on their corporate credit card. Furthermore, because of the risk engine, Moss can offer higher credit limits to these businesses than many traditional credit card companies. The startup also offers a number of other features alongside their credit cards, including virtual cards, expense tracking, and the ability to attach receipts and information for easier accounting.

These tools, along with higher credit limits, have made the startup rather popular among other startups and tech companies, with Moss currently having issued 1,000 credit cards that have processed over 10,000 different transactions. The growth of the startup has in turn resulted in attention from several investors.

The Business’s Most Recent Funding Round

In Moss’s most recent funding round, the startup raised a solid $25.5 million. The funding round was led by Valar Ventures with participation from Cherry Ventures and Global Founders Capital. The company plans to use the money to expand the business in a variety of different directions.

More specifically, the startup plans to use its capital to expand its platform into new industries outside of tech and startups. The startup will then be competing with companies such as Spendesk and Revolut Business; however, both of those companies focus mainly on debit cards instead of credit.

Final Conclusions

Moss has built a corporate credit card platform that is proving to be rather popular among the tech world due to the risk engine that allows for small businesses to have a higher credit limit than traditional credit cards. Considering the recent funding and the plans to expand into more industries, Moss has a solid trajectory for future growth and success.

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