Moonfire Ventures Launches $60 Million Fund for Pre-Seed and Seed Round Startup Companies

By Thomas Price Thursday, May 6, 2021

With startup companies cropping up all over the world, venture capital funding remains a constant need. This is especially true for regions outside of the United States (US) and startup companies in their early stages of development, where less total funding is dispersed. Moonfire Ventures is an investment company that recently launched a new venture fund to help support business in Europe. The new fund will specifically invest in pre-seed and seed-stage startup companies based in Europe as the company looks to continue to expand its business.

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Moonfire Ventures Investing Philosophy and Portfolio

Investment company Moonfire Ventures works to promote startup funding and growth in Europe through awareness, access, and quality. More specifically, the company focuses funding and business on European startup companies across different markets. Moonfire Ventures takes a data-driven approach to investing, with the company using automated investment processes and integrated technology to both expand the scope of startup companies reviewed and to better improve the overall strategy.

More traditionally, the company focuses its startup funding on business types such as fintech, workplace and education, gaming and leisure, and health and wellness. With such a wide scope of investment, the business has a portfolio of diverse European startup companies with wide-ranging focuses.

The portfolio of Moonfire Ventures includes startup companies like freelance payment business Willa, AI tech in the workplace startup Faculty, mobile gaming company Skunk Works, and online therapy startup Oliva.

Seed and Pre-Seed Fund From Moonfire

The newest venture fund from Moonfire will be worth $60 million and looks to take advantage of the growing venture capital movement in Europe that has yet to fully embrace early-stage development. The increase in startup funding in Europe has been massive, with a historic $21.4 billion being invested in 2021 already. This figure is half of all funding spent in the continent in 2020, suggesting that this will be one of, if not the largest, year for venture capital in Europe ever. Despite the massive boom in spending and over 900 seed-focused funds existing in the US, less than half that number are in Europe, even as the region begins to close the overall funding gap.

The $60 million seed fund from Moonfire Ventures is planned to be invested in around 30 different startups across Europe. The business will provide between $1 million and $1.5 million in funding to the startup companies, though there is flexibility in that range for each.

In a statement released by Moonfire Ventures on the new seed fund, the company said, “We believe that European tech and venture is going through a renaissance and now is the perfect time for a new fund to support founders at the earliest stage.”

The business went on to say, “It could not be a better time to launch a new seed fund to support the industry. Our first $60 million fund marks Moonfire’s first official moment but, of course, we have been working away in the background over the last year, building the team, building our technology and making our first investments.”

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