Moolec Science Expands Portfolio — Company Looks to Reduce Animal Consumption

By Thomas Price Monday, April 5, 2021

With larger efforts being made within the food industry to create more sustainable consumption and production, many companies and businesses have been looking for alternatives to animal products. Moolec Science is a food and agricultural company that recently expanded its portfolio of sustainable, science-based food products. By using genetically modified seeds and other cultivation techniques, the company has created several alternatives to traditional animal products, thus reducing overall costs and boosting sustainability. Moolec’s recent expansion will now cover egg alternatives and other developments.

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What Moolec Science Does

Moolec Science was founded on the basic principle of creating a higher level of affordability for sustainable, animal-free food products. The company looks to achieve this goal through the use of molecular farming. The hallmark process that Moolec Science has gained attention for is adding animal protein into its seeds through genetic engineering. This process allows for consumers to still benefit from having protein-rich food products without actually consuming or needing animals to do so.

When describing the significance of the company and protein, co-founder and CEO of Moolec Science, Gaston Paladinini, said, “Proteins are responsible for the functionality, mouth experience and many nutritional aspects in food. The greatest food experiences are mostly those which include high-quality products. And top products only use the best ingredients. We want to collaborate with B2C food companies to offer the optimal journey and proper affordability for consumers by using our integral animal-free solutions.”

The efforts from Moolec Science have garnered support from the wider food and science community. The business has in turn partnered with several companies and organizations such as Future Foods, Indear, Washington State University, Wisconsin Crop Innovation Center, and Bioceres Crop Solutions, among others. With the help of these partnerships, the business has recently expanded its portfolio of plant and science-based products.

New Additions from the Business

The latest innovations from Moolec involve the company’s work with oat proteins and egg substitutes. More specifically, the business has increased its utilization of oat proteins combined with whey protein to build better dairy alternatives. This effort should help build out a more protein-rich version of the already incredibly popular oat milk market.

On top of this, the business has also begun engineering ovum protein into its wheat crops. This process will allow for the genetically modified wheat to serve as an egg replacement for baking. This would offer baking companies an egg-free way to create many food products, thus reducing the reliance on chickens and animal products.

When commenting on the new innovations from the business, co-founder and CPO Henk Hoogenkamp said, “Our selection of dairy and egg proteins will be produced in the host crop. We are going to let the plants, the sun and the land work and, after only basic processing, Moolec's product will have superior nutritional and functional properties for a fraction of the cost. For example, our wheat and egg protein products will have a higher content of digestible protein and, thus, improved nutritional value.”

Moolec Science can make a major push for further innovation as the alternative protein market, already worth $2.2 billion, looks to expand even further.

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