Meet, the Social Network That Lets You Post to Other Social Media Outlets All at Once

By Elijah Labby Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Social media is close to a necessity for any startup or other company, but it can be a laborious process for business owners, who have numerous other things to do, to keep every outlet updated. lets you do just that by allowing a practice programmers from IndieWeb call POSSE — short for “publish on your own site, syndicate elsewhere.”

In practice, this means business owners can hook up to social media outlets like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, as well as blog services like Blogger and WordPress. Once connected, all users need to do is post a message (up to 280 characters, the same limit as Twitter), hit send, and the social media business will send your blog post to every connected service — no need to worry about copying and pasting, formatting, or scheduling.

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The Background of the Company

The company was formed in 2017 by a developer named Manton Reece, who has also developed a number of other tech companies over the years. He started a Kickstarter page for the company and found success — nearly $90,000 of it. On the page, Reece describes a company reminiscent of the early days of the internet and decries big tech’s data-hogging business practices.

“In the earlier days of the web, we always published to our own web site,” he wrote. “If you weren’t happy with your web host, or they went out of business, you could move your files and your domain name, and nothing would break.”

“Today, most writing instead goes into a small number of centralized social networking sites, where you can’t move your content, advertisements and fake news are everywhere, and if one of these sites fails, your content disappears from the internet. Too many sites have gone away and taken our posts and photos with them.”

The startup has been something of a breakout success, being featured in a New Yorker article titled “Can ‘Indie’ Social Media Save Us?” as well as numerous articles from Apple news commentary website Cult of Mac.

And with a rapidly growing social media market valuation of over $61 billion, the startup company and those like it have a lot to gain.

The Social Media Company Market

Additionally,’s business is in good company in the industry, but the startup retains its uniqueness. Whereas a business like Instagram can only post to its own platform and those owned by its parent company, Facebook, has a unique offering useful to just about any startup business worldwide — saving such a company time and money.

The social media startup has a unique opportunity and gives any startup or business great value.

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