Miami Startup Company Goody Draws $4 Million to Develop Gifting App

By James White Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Gift-giving has the capacity to be overwhelming. You want to do something nice for someone else, but you don’t know what to get, or you don’t know where to mail the gift to and don’t want to ask and risk ruining the surprise. Luckily, startup company Goody has got you covered. Investors including Quiet Capital, Index Ventures, Pareto Holdings, and more contributed $4 million to the company and its goal to simplify and digitize the business of sending gifts.

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Send a Text, Send a Gift

In times where social distancing is encouraged, many people are seeking creative ways to let their loved ones know that they are thinking of them. Goody’s unique platform offers an innovative and fun solution to this predicament.

The result of a fusion between a messaging platform and an ecommerce business, Goody’s model allows users to shop through a selection of curated gifts from partnered companies and send them to the desired recipient over a simple text message. The person receiving the gift will find a link to an interactive webpage where they can “unwrap” their digital present and view the gifting user’s letter. Finally, the recipient may accept the gift by supplying the business with a shipping address, make any additional adjustments to the gift, such as size or flavor, depending on the product, and immediately reply with a thank-you note.

“This is obviously not the same as seeing people in person, but I do think that Goody is a nice injection of warmth and positivity,” said entrepreneur and startup co-founder Edward Lando. “Everyone who uses it says they feel good after using it, which I think is rare.”

The app developed by the startup company is available for download on the Apple App Store for iPhone users as well as the Google Play Store for Android users.

Ecommerce Gift Gifting Benefits Small Businesses and Startup Companies

The budding gift messaging platform designed by the startup company not only allows for simple exchanges of good tidings and presents, but it also offers a chance for small businesses to gain exposure and expand their clientele. Goody receives a portion of the sales from brands selling through the app, while the participating companies become known for products that are good gift options for consumers.

Goody’s platform will likely face competition from other businesses such as Giftagram, which has garnered over $10 million in funding from investors since its founding in 2013, as well as ecommerce giants like Amazon. Other startups and businesses in the gift-giving industry are more specialized, like Drizly, a company delivering wine and other spirits directly to consumers.

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