LZMicro Garners Funding From Findora as Company Develops Confidential Ledger Products

By Thomas Price Saturday, February 6, 2021

As blockchain technology becomes more integrated into modern companies and businesses, the advancement of them requires significant funding and collaboration from multiple sources. Especially when maintaining the confidentiality and privacy of data and financial transactions for larger companies, the integration of seamless blockchain technology has become a necessity. Findora is a company offering a multi-varied toolbox of cryptography technology to these businesses. However, the company cannot do it alone, and the Findora Research Foundation’s recent grant to LZMicro should hopefully yield strong results. With the companies looking to build the first-ever confidential ledger, the new funding should provide a new jumping-off point for technological research.

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Findora’s Technology and Research Foundation

Findora is a technology company that leads the market in decentralized financial networks specifically built for issuing confidential assets and smart contracts. The company focuses heavily on creating transparency in their products without sacrificing privacy. Findora’s product has been built to both replace entire infrastructures of companies or be utilized in the cloud while remaining connected to the company’s public network. In order to achieve transparency and confidentiality simultaneously, Findora utilizes zero-knowledge proofs that allow for businesses to provide information to verify ledgers without the explicit need to reveal what exists in the proofs.

In order for Findora to continue to bring in new business and optimize their product to the fullest extent, more technology is needed. The company has been looking specifically to create the first-ever confidential ledger products fully loaded with auditing tools to ensure privacy and fully enabled advanced auditability. The difficulty in creating this product has seen the Findora Research Foundation invest money into a new business called LZMicro. With the new funding and the technology already developed by the company, this should hopefully result in a successful endeavor for both businesses involved.

Findora Research Foundation and LZMicro

In order to create the confidential ledger products, the Findora Research Foundation has granted LZMicro $2 million. The company is most known for its work in creating integrated circuit design and zero-knowledge proofs as a service. This technology has been extremely popular among many tech businesses, thus allowing for the company to open offices all over the world including Silicon Valley, Shanghai, and Beijing. In fact, the popularity of LZMicro’s PPU and PPU platform is so vast that it is used in multiple different business markets such as finance, banking, insurance, government regulation, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and IoT (Internet of Things).

When commenting on the recent grant given to LZMicro, Findora released a statement saying they are, “very excited to be able to support a startup that has a very clear mission of the existing needs in the market for reliable data transactions in the new digital economy of which Findora is part of it. Their business approach and their innovation to offer new, more efficient hardware products focused on privacy, are some of the technological pillars that convinced us of LZ Micro to support them.”

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