Lowe’s Launches 100 Hometowns Initiative as Company Commits $10 Million to Community Restoration

By Thomas Price Tuesday, March 9, 2021

In celebration of the 100th anniversary of hardware and DIY company Lowe’s, the business has announced a new charitable initiative focused on community restoration around the United States (US). The company just launched the 100 Hometowns initiative, which will allow cities all over the country that have struggled through tough times from the COVID-19 pandemic, natural disasters, or anything else to apply for grants. These grants will provide the town with several resources from the hardware company that are tailored to their specific needs for restoration.

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Details on the 100 Hometowns Initiative

The 100 Hometowns initiative is a project by the company in order to help restore communities all over the US through money and resources up to $10 million. Starting today, cities all over the country can apply for grants from the business for specific projects in their town.

The initiative will be accepting applications until April 19, with the company making their decision and providing their resources to the winners in June. The business will end up choosing 100 different projects to award with the main focus being on beautification of areas of cultural significance, restoration of areas affected by natural disasters, and rebuilding places in need of housing repairs.

Every project selected will be given significant attention by Lowe’s, with the lofty plan of having all projects provided for and completed before the end of 2021. Each project will also have its needs met specifically by the business, with the amount of money and the types of resources given decided on a case-by-case basis.

To kick off the initiative, the hardware company has enlisted the help of former associate and current country music star Kane Brown as the two will work together to begin restoration on the East Lake Boys & Girls Club in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Lowe’s Community Involvement in Recent Months

The 100 Hometowns initiative launched by the hardware business is not the only effort made by Lowe’s to offer support during this economic hardship. In fact, the company has committed over $1.3 billion toward associates, communities, and safety since the onset of the pandemic, including major bonuses for frontline workers across the entire business. At the same time, the hardware company has also provided significant financial assistance to different minority-owned and women-owned businesses throughout the US.

When commenting on the recent launch of the 100 Hometowns initiative, CEO of Lowe’s, Marvin Ellison, said, “We know a lot of companies never have the opportunity to celebrate a centennial. For us, we felt like there was no better way to celebrate than to give back to our community.”

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