Limitless Nabs Series B Funding as Startup Continues to Attract Big Business to Platform

By Thomas Price Saturday, February 13, 2021

One of the most difficult challenges a business must face as it scales up operations drastically is to maintain the same great quality of customer experience. In order for any large company to properly and efficiently handle the hundreds — if not thousands — of customer inquiries received every day, it must commit incredible resources to it or outsource the entire effort to a different company. Limitless is a startup that has taken a different approach to the matter by radically shifting traditional methods to improve performance in this arena. The gig-based customer service startup has found more efficient and cost-effective means — while still compensating workers fairly. The company has recently closed its Series B funding round to help continue advancing its business.

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The Limitless Platform and Clientele

Limitless is a tech startup that has created a customer experience platform built to lower costs for companies and increase efficiency over time through the use of artificial intelligence (AI). Part of this is accomplished through offloading a full customer service department with a gig-based group of experts replacing it. The startup currently offers four major services, all specifically designed to improve upon factors of traditional customer service: CrowdService, CrowdCoach, CrowdAdvise, and CrowdFeedback.

CrowdService is basic customer service from gig experts who are trained and put into action along with their constantly learning AI. the AI learns over time to recognize easy customer service inquiries and replies to them automatically, making the system significantly more efficient. CrowdCoach allows for experts to train newer members of the team to quickly bring them up to speed and create a better overall customer service group.

CrowdAdvise is the startup’s version of a sales team that implements a very similar system to CrowdService. The difference lies in that Limitless’s CrowdAdvice converts prospective shoppers into buyers. Finally, CrowdFeedback is how the startup moderates content, gets feedback, and improves their AI to further optimize their services.

All of these different services have made the company incredibly popular with major businesses within different industries. Some of these companies include names like Microsoft, L’Oreal, Postmates, eBay, and Unilever. The large amount of the business the company has taken on has allowed them to gain over 5000 experts in their network across 25 different countries in 8 different industries.

Limitless’s Funding Round

In the company’s Series B funding round, the business raised $10 million. The funding round was led by Redline Capital with participation from Genesys, AlbionVC, and Unilever Ventures. The business plans to use this money in order to expand its US presence and improve the company’s AI. On top of this funding, the business recently announced a partnership with contact center company Genesys.

When commenting on the recent partnership, CEO Roger Beadle said in a statement, “As consumers turn increasingly to digital support channels and products become more complex, businesses need access to more diverse and agile talent pools. By integrating Genesys Cloud and the LimitlessGigCX platform, we offer businesses the opportunity to seamlessly blend call centre agents with their own passionate and knowledgeable gig experts to provide empathetic support, at scale.”

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