Limited Time Should Not Equal Wasted Time

By Adriaan Brits Friday, June 19, 2020

The current global health crisis has been devastating to many businesses. Regular working hours are decreasing, employees are being laid-off due to a lack of necessity, and team members are finding themselves staring at a computer screen with little motivation for non-existent work. 

However, there’s no reason to lose or waste the time that your company does have. Companies are having to find new approaches to the way they run their businesses and managing their employees while avoiding wasting their time. 

Here are seven ways to use your business’s time wisely, despite the circumstances:

Think Forward

2020 is not done for, but 2021 is still looking far more promising. Instead of wasting your company’s time trying to make this year’s experience feel “normal,” focus on how your team can make a big comeback next year. Round up your employees (from a safe distance) and have meaningful discussions on how your company can jump back into operations quickly and effectively. 

Discuss questions concerning customer value, your company’s mission, and the future of popular products. Don’t fret over simple answers, or if one meeting does not provide the value you foresaw. Your team’s communication and ideas will improve over time.

Redesign Your Time

Are you noticing a lull in your typical duties as a business owner? You may consider redesigning your time and focusing in on providing training, resources, or support groups for your team members. 

Think of all of the things you put off regarding the organization or the structure of your company’s building location. Can these things be accomplished now? Instead of laying off your employees, can you redirect them and keep moving forward? Even if things don’t go the same way you anticipated back in 2019, you can still get more done than you might have realized.

Do Your Research

How are your competitors handling this time? What are some pointers you can take away from their response? Sometimes the best thing your company can do is listen. Recruit a small portion of your team members to simply record valuable changes that your company can focus on at this time. 

Just because your job opportunities may be limited does not mean that you’ve also lost the opportunities to research and better equip your business to thrive in 2021.

Create an Atmosphere That Makes Your Employees Want to Work

With individual states allowing businesses to welcome their employees back into the workplace, keep in mind that your team members are returning after an extended stay in the comfort of their homes. Create an atmosphere that is enjoyable to work in and stirs a desire to be productive in your employees’ hearts. 

Be gentle during the process, and remember that all of your team members have different comfort levels when it comes to reentering their offices. Continue to be understanding and make small adaptations to the offices to make them feel comfortable. When your employees feel comfortable and safe in their work environment, there’s a higher likelihood of productivity and less wasted time.

Track Your Time

Track your time and your employees’ time. Breaks are reasonable and necessary, but exactly how long are you spending on those breaks? Do you have one too many perfectionists, and do things seem to be moving a lot slower than they typically do? Tracking all of your teams’ times will ensure that everyone is as productive as possible, even when it’s easy to slack off.

Incentivize Progress

Create small goals for your team members to strive for and reward them when they do so. Whether its a company-wide competition or a short district race to a goal, encourage your employees and give them something to strive for. 

Working during this time can seem worthless or like you’re running in circles with no place to go and nothing to accomplish. Small gifts, incentives, and rewards can make the business place fun and encouraging. When employees feel as if there’s something to strive for, they are bound to work harder.

Don’t Be Headstrong

If 2020 is just a less productive year for your company, don’t be headstrong or bombard your employees with unrealistic goals. They are human just like you and have been struggling in different ways that you have. Remember that everyone is not going to be on the same page, but that’s okay. 

Strive to make progress while remaining sensitive to the times, but don’t waste your company’s time — and as a direct result, your company’s money — on meaningless tasks and distractions.

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As an analyst of global affairs, Adriaan has an MSC from Oxford, with diverse interests in the digital economy, entertainment, and business. He is a specialist trainer in Advanced Analytics & Media.

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