Letterhead Looks to Revolutionize Email Newsletters Going Into 2021

By Thomas Price Thursday, January 7, 2021

Of the many challenges involved with running a business, maintaining a high level of engagement with customers has proven to be particularly difficult. This has become even truer in recent months. The COVID-19 pandemic makes it even harder to stay in contact with consumers as shutdowns and restricted capacities are still affecting many retail businesses. As a result, different companies and businesses have been utilizing tools such as email newsletters, which remain one of the most effective ways to increase engagement. Letterhead is looking to revolutionize the entire email newsletter industry by providing a software solution with a series of different major features. So, how exactly does Letterhead work, how does it differ from traditional email newsletters, and what can be expected from the company in the future?

What Is Letterhead?

Letterhead is actually a spinout product from a different publisher by the name of WhereBy.Us. WhereBy.Us is a company that focuses on creating a network of local newsletters, and so far, this has been a fairly successful endeavor. In fact, since its launch in 2014 as an online publication called The New Tropic, which garnered a lot of popularity due to its focus on email newsletters, WhereBy.Us has expanded and is now in charge of five different local media brands in major cities: Miami, Seattle, Portland, Orlando, and Pittsburgh.

Due to this popularity, the company built a self-service payment system for advertisers. The system proved to be very popular as well and was a major source of revenue for the company, which in turn led indirectly to the creation and spinout of Letterhead.

Letterhead has created a software that puts ad revenue, paid subscriptions, and management of newsletter content into one streamlined product that makes it easy on publishers and content creators. The company is selling software as a service, so their product is not open source but instead provides users with all the tools and templates needed to create right off the bat.

In terms of creating the actual newsletter, Letterhead’s software offers a variety of different template options. A company may select from automatic ad placement or conditional formatting, which allows the publisher to decide the type of content that is available for all readers from content that is only available to paying subscribers.

For advertisers, the process is equally simplified. Letterhead offers different ad types ready to sell, native content support, the ability for the publisher to create an entire ad storefront to streamline the process, and self-service checkout and scheduling. Finally, Letterhead has built in a system for selling and managing memberships and subscribers in order to more easily create a large scale paying audience for publishers.

This has all led to a massive variety of different customers who have already begun utilizing the software since Letterhead’s soft launch in 2020. In fact, Letterhead is used by startup Shoot My Travel; nonprofits Vida y Salud and Refresh; political group OD Action; local news publishers VTDigger, Choose954, and Santa Cruz Local.

Final Conclusions

90% of all marketers rate email engagement as the most important metric for measuring content performance. Letterhead is making the creation of email newsletters easier, more accessible, and more revenue-driven than ever before. The company has specifically built tools to enable clients to create high-quality newsletters with built-in advertising and content features to incentivize subscriptions or memberships. By simplifying these areas of business for business owners, Letterhead’s software is already seeing increased use across a variety of companies within different industries. As the company further sets for expansion through 2021, Letterhead is well-suited for success moving well into the future.

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