LESS_ Prepares for More Funding After Successful Seed Round and User Growth

By Thomas Price Monday, January 4, 2021

The fashion industry has continued to be a booming force of retail sales worldwide, even amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. However, two issues that have resulted from increased accessibility to shopping are the excess of clothes purchased and not worn or used and the environmental impact this has created. The aftermath of fast fashion has made many consumers rethink their shopping habits and reduce the number of items in their closet. LESS_ is a startup looking to provide solutions to these environmental and consumer issues through its online platform and app.

What Is LESS_?

LESS_ is a startup based in Poland that provides a way for consumers to buy and sell gently used items through their online platform. Items that can be purchased and sold through the app include apparel, electronics, books, games, accessories, and fitness equipment, among other things.

The startup mainly focuses on clothing and is built and advertised to consumers and users as a means to embrace minimalism and reduce environmental impact. Launched in June of 2019, LESS_’s app allows users to access and utilize the company’s platform, which comes with a number of different features to both boost sales and ensure the quality of the items offered by its sellers. These features include account verification for users, a rating system built from those who have bought items from the seller, and TikTok integration in order to promote sales and increase engagement. Additionally, the app allows items to have either fixed prices or auction features with minimum price points.

Based on the company’s platform of environmental sustainability and raw popularity, the app has proven to be rather successful in its short life. In fact, according to its website, the startup’s services have saved well over 5 million liters of water and reduced over 700,000 PPM CO2 emissions by reducing fast fashion purchases and finding consumers for used apparel. As for its popularity, the app has already garnered an impressive 700,000 users, the majority of which are in Poland and surrounding areas. Due to these factors, LESS_ was recognized by MyCompany as the Polish Startup of 2020. As a result, LESS_ had a successful seed round, and the startup is hoping to carry this momentum into its next financing round.

LESS_’s Seed Funding and Plans for the Future

In the startup’s seed funding round six months after the launch of their app, LESS_ raised €4 million ($4.9 million). The startup has obviously put that capital to good use considering the growth in its user base since launch. There is also hope that the following round of funding will help further the company’s expansion. LESS_ is already planning to add its app in southern and eastern Europe, and further funding would help the startup accomplish that goal.

The startup offers a platform that makes money by allowing others to recycle used items and highlights the positive environmental impact of its platform’s sales. Given the strong user base and the success of the initial seed funding round, LESS_ looks primed to have an even larger funding round in the future, which should help them continue to expand their operation into other parts of Europe. The startup’s message of minimalism and sustainability is tapping into creating awareness and a significant lifestyle for many users. As a result of LESS_’s philosophy, the company appears to be heading toward continued success.

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