LAUNCHub Ventures Closes in on $85 Million Fund for Startup Investment

By Thomas Price Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Startups all over the world are constantly being created with innovative ideas and goals at their core. However, nearly all of them have a desperate need for funding from venture capital firms and other investors. This is especially true for startups cropping up in regions that are unaccustomed to heavy funding, like Seattle or Silicon Valley. LAUNCHub Ventures is a firm raising capital specifically for startups in the Central and Southeastern regions of Europe, where funding is not as plentiful. The firm is closing in on a new massive fund that will go toward these business startups. So, how much money has LAUNCHub Ventures raised, what will happen with this funding, and what can be expected from the firm in the near future?

LAUNCHub Ventures’s New Fund

LAUNCHub Ventures is a European venture capital firm that mainly focuses on investing in Central and Southeastern European startups. This comes in the form of funding seed and Series A round startups with initial investments of between €500,000 and €2 million with further support from there. LAUNCHub Ventures looks to mainly invest in startups that deal with B2B SaaS, fintech, proptech, big data, AI, marketplaces, and digital health.

LAUNCHub Ventures is a unique firm in comparison to many others due to the fact that the firm has a completely equal split of male and female members on the team making it one of the very few companies to have achieved such a feat.

The company recently completed the first closing of their fund, reeling in approximately €44 million ($53.5 million). This is a large first step where the fund’s end goal is to reach €70 million ($85 million). This is the first close for the fund with the second and final close expected to happen by Q2 of 2021.

The fund will then be used to invest in 25 different startups in the European regions where the firm will be focusing on over the following four years. LAUNCHub Ventures has already seen success from startups the firm has backed in the past including Giraffe360, Fite, GTMHub, FintechOS, Cleanshelf, and Ferryhopper.

When speaking on the potential and innovation in Central and Eastern Europe, founding partner of LAUNCHub Ventures, Todor Breshkov, said, “Central and Eastern Europe’s rapid economic growth has caught the attention of Western investors searching for the next unicorn. The region has huge and still untapped potential with more and more local success stories, paving the way for the next generation of CEE tech founders.”

Final Conclusions

Central and Eastern Europe are long-overlooked regions when it comes to startups despite having hundreds, if not thousands, that are working on innovative technology in a variety of fields. LAUNCHub Ventures’s latest fund is looking to help even the playing field for many of them. With millions more of funding funneling into the region, it looks more than likely that one of the next startup unicorns could very well come from the area.

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