The Latest Findings on HR and Recruitment

By Adriaan Brits Friday, August 21, 2020

Human resources (HR) and recruitment is an important tool for businesses. It helps find great candidates for all sectors of the business and helps organize all the legal requirements for the company to run smoothly.

HR and recruitment need to follow the rules and regulations to respect the company values and employees that are working in the company. There has been recent research and studies showing the development and changes in HR and recruitment. There are a few points below that state the latest findings in HR and recruitment.

Diversity in HR

As our generation continues to evolve, it is necessary to have a form of diversity in the workplace. Diversity is important because it can help people understand and respect each other in the workplace and give opportunities to all people from different backgrounds. Research by Ugo Chuks Okolie has indicated that “The key to diversity management hinges on strategic thinking and people-centered policies. It is against this backdrop that this paper examines the effects of diversity management on human resource management with special reference to recruitment and selection.”

Researcher Marina Tronina also carried out research and studied how recruitment works with cultural diversity management. It was concluded that international recruitment can be beneficial for a company and can give opportunities for people with all skills. It can also assist with internal recruitment and offer promotions to existing employees from all backgrounds.

The Selection Process

When it comes to the selection process, most companies in HR do not actually follow the regulations and processes. This brings a negative factor to the company, because they may miss out on potential candidates that can be a great advantage to the company. As researcher John E.Opute has indicated in his latest book, “One central setback that is common with several organizations in many developing economies is the absence of established policies and procedures. This also extends to planning because there are various external factors that can impact on planning.”

This concludes that it is important to demonstrate rules and regulations correctly, for it will only cause obstacles and issues for the company. This could be potential lawsuits, the loss of employees who are overworked and not respected, plus potential shareholders will lose interest in investing in a company that fails to comply with regulations.


Another new thing about HR is the eportfolio. Eportfolios can showcase skills, documents, credentials, certificates, and experiences in an organized manner. Researchers Ciesielkiewicz, Bonilla, and Olave López de Ayala conducted a study by giving a survey to 52 HR directors. 

The studies concluded that having an educational eportfolio is useful for students who want to get into the business sector after their studies. The research concluded with the fact that eportfolios are a useful tool as a new source of recruitment. This indicates that eportfolios can be the new future instead of cover letters (CVs).

Recruiting Through Social Media

Social media is not only a powerful tool for marketing campaigns, but it is now one of the latest tools to use for recruiting candidates. For example, Facebook has a section where jobs can be posted for people to apply to directly. In comparison, Instagram advertises jobs with the option for users to apply directly. Researchers Ashutosh Muduli and Jeegnesh J. Trivedi studied how useful social media is through pre-hire and post-hire recruitment. 

The outcome was that social media recruitment is important for pre-hire and post-hire and how it has satisfied both recruiters and employees. This shows that websites with job postings are not the only source for job opportunities, but social media is now a vital tool.

Will Recruitment Continue to Evolve?

Many companies cannot be flexible with their rules and regulations, as it only brings disadvantages to the company. As technology continues to evolve, everything virtual is becoming a long-term trend, indicating that recruitment agencies will continue to use social media as platforms to seek employees. Online recruitment has been available for years, and there are dedicated websites such as LinkedIn available.

Diversity continues to also play an important role in recruitment, for there is a need for multicultural environments that can offer opportunities and skills to both national and international workers in different countries.

While having a CV is an important factor for applying for jobs, eportfolios are a step up and an improved version of curriculum vitae. Eportfolios also grant opportunities to students who want to embark on careers right away and wish to build a portfolio, showcasing their work and skills.

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