Landed Lands Seed Funding for Startup’s New App for Hourly Jobs

By Thomas Price Wednesday, February 10, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a serious economic disruption that is still being actively felt by businesses and workers alike. As a result, companies in industries such as fast food, grocery stores, and other similar fields have had a massive need for hourly workers to keep up with demand. At the same time, many individuals who had been laid off have been actively searching for hourly work in order to cover mounting costs. Landed is a new startup that recently launched an app built to help out both job seekers and companies find each other for hourly positions. Along with the launch of their app, the startup also announced its initial seed funding, pushing the company toward its future goals of success.

Landed's app as seen on a smartphone.

How Landed Works and the Startup’s App Launch

Landed is a startup that has recently developed and launched an app meant to connect hourly job candidates with companies. The startup works by having prospective employees fill out an application and record a video with basic questions and answers. The company then uses artificial intelligence (AI) to pair these workers with businesses that match up well with them. The current business model for the startup allows candidates to use the app for free in order to create a large group of users while charging companies a monthly fee for using their services.

The startup initially launched a beta version of their app in March of 2020 and saw strong success early on despite the concerns brought on by the pandemic. In fact, many well-known businesses already use Landed, including names such as Applebees, Chick-Fil-A, Grocery Outlet Bargain Market, and Wendy’s, among others.

While the company is still young, especially in regard to the app itself, the results so far have been very strong. In fact, according to some users’ experience, the hiring process has become much more efficient, with businesses going from around one in every ten applicants getting hired to one in every three.

Landed’s Seed Funding and Future Plans

In Landed’s seed funding round, the startup raised $1.4 million. The funding round was led by Javelin Venture Partners with participation from Y Combinator and Palm Drive Capital, among others. The business has ambitious plans for the future, with the long-term goal being to turn the app into a multi-service job platform that offers loans and job training along with several other features.

When commenting on the recent funding, Founder and CEO of the company, Vivian Wang, said this to Startup Savant: “We are very excited to officially roll out the Landed platform to food and retail business owners to help them make smarter, faster hiring decisions and help them use their time more effectively. Helping candidates find the right jobs, and helping businesses hire a qualified, more diverse staff is our passion at Landed and by using AI and ML technology and leveraging video we can make the whole process much more efficient. Landed is proud to have helped hundreds of people find jobs in the last year during such a bleak economy and are planning to use our funding to continue rolling out our solution in more cities across the US.”

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