New LA Chargers App Helps Fans Remain Informed, Engaged, and Connected

By Thomas Price Sunday, October 18, 2020

Professional sports has seen some incredible changes in 2020. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, seasons for both Major League Baseball and the National Basketball Association were subject to shortened seasons currently coming to an end, with both in the playoffs at the same time. Neither has had any in person fans up to this point, though it appears there will be limited in person fans starting in the next round of the playoffs for the MLB. Following this trend, into the early weeks of the NFL, only select stadiums have allowed even limited capacity.

Because of restrictions in the number of fans who can physically attend games, being able to create large scale fan engagement has been a constantly difficult task which has created many different new ideas. As a consequence to keep fans in tune with the teams they follow, Los Angeles Chargers have recently launched a new app filled with content and features to create a hub for the team’s many supporters.

What is the App

The Los Angeles Chargers app was developed through a partnership with YinzCam, a software company based in Pittsburgh. The app was built to provide services and features that would be beneficial to those who are watching from home, as well as for those who will be watching the games in person once it is allowed at the team’s brand new arena shared with the Los Angeles Rams, SoFi Stadium. These features include directions to the stadium, parking information, an interactive seating map, and mobile ticket management hosted by Ticketmaster. However, until fans can go in person, the most important aspects of the app will be elsewhere.

The app will also include daily coverage of the team, news, highlights, podcasts, interviews, and exclusive photographs. The two major hallmarks of the Chargers app though will involve watching the game and the stadium. While not yet available on the current version of the app, there are plans to create an augmented reality virtual tour of SoFi Stadium and on the field.

The major cornerstone of the entire app will be the ability to watch live broadcasts of Chargers games with real time statistics, rosters, depth charts, and standings. This feature will only be available for in-market games. Fans will be able to personalize the app by enabling push notifications, custom backgrounds, and selecting which content they want on the home screen. Season ticket holders will also be subject to exclusive digital discounts on a variety of products and experiences.

Fan Engagement in Professional Sports

With announcements from both the Chargers and the Rams that there will be no in person fans at SoFi Stadium until further notice, essentially until COVID-19 is more sufficiently under control, the launch of this app is a means to create more fan engagement in the meantime. Major League Baseball has been pumping in crowd noises from the speaker systems, and most stadiums have thousands of cardboard cutout pictures of fans in the stands that people can purchase. Meanwhile, the NBA has been playing exclusively in a “bubble” located at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex in Florida. Without in person fans, the NBA has large digital screens where fans can purchase a “seat” to the game and be featured on screen through video conference. For the Chargers, the app is built to serve purpose even after fans are allowed to return at full capacity, hopefully meaning that it can be a point for fans to always stay connected to the team far into the future.

Final Conclusions

Without in person fans, the race is on by all professional sports organizations to keep fans invested at the highest level that they can. While nothing can ever replicate an in person experience, giving the fans the tools to stay as connected as possible to the organization is worth the investment. The Los Angeles Chargers have built a comprehensive app to watch, read, and listen about the team. Add to that all of the features ready for when SoFi Stadium is open to the public once again, and it is an app worth downloading for all Chargers fans.

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