Korin Design Raises $427,000 for Its Anti-Theft Backpack — the FlipPack

By Thomas Price Monday, September 13, 2021

Korin Design is a luggage company that has developed an anti-theft backpack called the FlipPack to provide convenience and theft protection in crowded spaces. The business has launched a crowdfunding campaign to support the further development of its product.

Korin design products.

What Makes FlipPack Unique and Current Business Timeline

Luggage company Korin Design built its newest backpack with added security precautions and specific user-friendly features. The FlipPack is designed to prevent theft to the main storage pocket by using a hidden combination lock that secures both zippers in place. The backpack also has a pull-out wire lock that can instantly fasten the backpack to any surface by looping through the combination zipper lock. Additionally, for items not in the main pocket, the luggage company offers ways in which to add other security measures. 

Korin Design hid the side pockets using magnetic panels that keep stored items out of sight from potential robbers. The side panels open up toward the users wearing the backpack for easier access and for theft prevention. Additional features include a card holder with RFID blocking material woven in and a detachable toiletry bag for easier travel with the FlipPack. The backpack is waterproof and also collapsable for easy storage. Furthermore, the FlipPack has a total storage capacity of 23 liters. 

Korin Design created the concept for the new product back in May of 2020. Initially, the company saw success based on its previous backpack designs. The luggage company created an original prototype in August of that year before creating an improved prototype in March of 2021 following user feedback. The FlipPack has already gone through its final certification and reliability testing. Currently, the business is working through the backpack’s quality control for mass production.

Korin Design Crowdfunding Campaign and Next Steps

In the crowdfunding campaign for the FlipPack, the business has raised over $427,000. The crowdfunding campaign was supported by 3,112 individual backers across both Indiegogo and Kickstarter. 

The luggage company plans to use the new funding to help support current business operations, which include mass production of the FlipPack and the start of distribution of the product to early backers. The luggage company projects that the first batch of backpacks will be delivered to crowdfunding campaign supporters by October of this year. Once these deliveries have been completed, Korin Design will shift business to a more traditional model with the FlipPack set to be sold on the company website alongside other products. 

In an update statement made on Kickstarter discussing the success of the crowdfunding campaign, Korin Design wrote, “Thank you for helping bring the FlipPack to life. It’s your support, constant feedback, and suggestions that have shaped the products we just launched. We're fortunate and grateful to be in this position, and you all are the best damn customers we could ever ask for. Your support allows us to continue marching forward. Your feedback steers the direction we march. And, your enthusiasm and passion make us stoked to come to work every day.”

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