Startup Klima Launches Carbon-Offset App to the Public

By Thomas Price Saturday, January 2, 2021

As climate change becomes a larger issue in the minds of not only corporations and governments but also individuals, there has been a growing call for all levels of society to become more environmentally conscious. However, a major difficulty, especially for the individual, is knowing what actual changes and actions one can take to meaningfully reduce one’s personal carbon output. Klima is a Berlin-based startup that aims to help solve this question. After a successful seed funding round earlier this year, the company finally launched its app to the public. Built specifically to help individuals offset their own carbon emissions, The company’s app has garnered attention from many different communities. So, how does Klima’s app work, and what can be expected from the startup in the future?

Klima’s Newly Launched App

Klima is a startup out of Berlin, and its main focus has been the development and creation of an app for the general public meant to help offset carbon output. Among the many features currently available, the highlights include a carbon calculator that helps users better understand their own carbon footprint, a collection of tips and suggestions that can help lower personal carbon emissions, and a sharing tool to help spread climate change awareness and other pieces of information to friends and family.

The main hallmark of the app, however, is the subscription feature. The subscription for users is meant to specifically offset their own carbon emissions, so the price varies depending on how much carbon the individual produces through their lifestyle. While this may be true, the cost is usually less than $20 a month. These offsets are achieved through three main projects that Klima supports: tree planting, solar energy investment, and providing clean cookstoves to communities still using wood-burning stoves.

Those three projects are achieved through Klima’s support of multiple different organizations working toward those goals, including the Ghana Clean Cook Stove Project, Concentrated Solar Power, The Mauritania Solar Power project, The Tanzania reforestation project, and the Panama reforestation project, among others. The company was able to launch and develop its app through the startup’s successful seed funding round in August, which helped the company raise $5.8 million. The seed funding was raised from various sources, including Christian Reber, Jens Begemann, Niklas Jansen,, HV Holtzbrinck Ventures, and 468 Capital.

Klima’s Future Plans and Final Conclusions

In addition to helping launch the initial version of the app, Klima’s funding also allowed for the startup to double its workforce from an initial eight people up to 16. The company has been working on creating an online community of subscribers that share their own journeys toward carbon reduction among other topics. Outside of this, the company’s main current goals simply involve growing the app’s subscriber and general user base as the public continues to become exposed to its offerings.

The company launching the app to the public is a major milestone for the young startup. With significant enthusiasm in making a strong environmental impact, Klima's can garner some serious popularity among its users. With a larger staff, clear objectives, and the first round of seed funding being a general success, Klima has set itself up to grow larger in the future. Especially considering that as the startup gains traction, the subsequent rounds of funding will certainly be more lucrative, allowing Klima to expand its growth efforts even further while possibly taking on more projects to support over time as well.

Klima is tapping into the very significant attention that climate change has put on environmental sustainability and turning that into a meaningful and effective solution for the many individuals who wish to do something about it.

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