Klarna Launches Livestyle in Conjunction With Bambuser

By Thomas Price Saturday, December 12, 2020

As online merchant payments have become more commonplace for retail purchases, platforms that allow consumers to pay reasonable amounts over a period of time have become more popular. This has led to the integration of a “buy now, pay later” system in mobile payment platforms such as PayPal, and popularly, Klarna. Klarna’s venture into retail shopping by partnering with hundreds of high-grossing businesses has increased the scope of their payment platform tremendously and has created a centralized shopping experience for many users. Due to this expansion of Klarna’s original business, the company has been taking steps in new directions, including its recent launch of Livestyle. This fashion and content experiment has many potential benefits that have yet to be fully understood. So, what is Klarna doing with their business, and what will the launch of Livestyle entail?

Launch of Livestyle and Bambuser

Klarna has recently launched Livestyle, a live fashion show of sorts that will be available to the public through the Live Video Shopping technology of Bambuser. This live fashion show will be hosted by influencer Roshi Hoss and stylist Sara Biderman. The event will run weekly from December 7 until January 4, with a different focus and theme each week. These themes will include Holidays Are Coming, Female Creators, Late Night Show, Trend Spotting 2021, and Back to work from home. While it is continually being stated that these fashion shows will not by any means be focused on deals or promotions, and instead highlight content that resonates with viewers, Klarna will most certainly be using all of the tools that Bambuser’s technology provides.

Bambuser’s Live Video Shopping technology has very much changed how mobile and online retail shopping is taking place. Bambuser’s platform essentially allows for a livestream of content that engages more seriously with viewers while also providing the option to purchase items right there without ever having to leave the stream.

Bambuser’s technology also allows for live chat and product highlights. This new style of live streams with shopping capabilities has proven to make some serious improvements to those companies who utilize it. In fact, when comparing Live Video Shopping to the industry average, Bambuser’s platform has an engagement rate that is 6.2 times greater, an add to cart rate that is 4.7 times higher, and an average visitor duration that lasts 2.9 times longer. This, in combination with Klarna’s shopping platform, could create significant revenue throughout the multiple events from December into January, further showing the power that Klarna has amassed. Livestyle will be available for live streaming on December 7 on both the Klarna app and NAKD.com.

Klarna’s Shifting of Shopping Culture

One of the main goals of this series of fashion shows is the continual change in what could be considered traditional shopping methods. Klarna has already made massive ripples on two fronts in retail shopping already. With the “buy now, pay later” system, consumers are able to purchase more expensive items and pay them back in a series of installments to Klarna. This is already a major shift from traditional means, which would have required upfront payment from the shopper.

On another front, Klarna is partnering with more and more businesses, concentrating shopping into one convenient platform. Considering it already has a large customer base using Klarna as a mobile payment platform, financial security and infrastructure have already been laid out, making the transition even easier. This new series of live streams will further break ground in the retail shopping world. By using this sort of technology on Klarna’s platform, engagement will never be higher, while at the same time, the process from browsing to buying will be even quicker. Especially during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, having a livestream fashion show with built-in features for direct shopping may easily be the best possible alternative to in-person clothing shopping offered to the consumer thus far.

Final Conclusions

Klarna’s launch of Livestyle is a major moment for the future of online and mobile shopping. In constant adaptation with consumer demands and desires, Klarna has created an experience with the help of Bambuser that brings an engaged shopper to a platform that already has payment information and shopping capabilities like never before seen.

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