Social Media Startup KillerPolitics Enters App Beta Testing

By James White | Sunday, August 22, 2021 | Startup, Tech, Culture

Social media provides a massive platform for discussion with individuals from all over the world. Whether it be about a new movie, a scientific discovery, or politics, users now have a stage to air their opinions. Startup company KillerPolitics aims to add more structure to online discussions with a new social media app.

KillerPolitics platform.

Finishing Beta Testing

The startup business plans to release its upcoming social media app on August 30. Currently, the app is in the beta testing stage of production. Once the startup company officially launches its social media platform, it will be available to users on iOS, Android, and the web.

"I believe KillerPolitics will be a force to change social media behaviors through our unique technology and innovation,” said Erik Underwood, founder and CEO of the social media business. “People are hungry for a platform where they can finally settle their debates in a format that challenges the status quo and where every voice can be heard.”

KillerPolitics hopes that its app will divert heated discussions from the existing platforms like Facebook and Twitter into a more structured environment. The startup company claims that it will be “the world's first live social media video debating platform.” KillerPolitics also expects its platform to “be on the same stage” as competitors like Facebook, according to initial reviews from its beta testers.

AI Moderation, Audiences, and Live Debates

Underwood founded the Denver-based startup business in 2020. Rather than having heated (and occasionally hurtful) debates in the comments on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, KillerPolitics invites users to a more formal online debate platform moderated by artificial intelligence (AI).

The startup company employs AI technology to actively monitor content and to “judge” debates within the app. AI is used by the business to control the amount of time each member of the debate has to make an argument or rebuttal. The company also designed the AI moderator to “enforce civil rules of engagement.”

Users looking to debate a topic have head-to-head live video feeds displayed to an audience of listeners as they make their points. Debates can be made public or private as desired. Audience members have access to a live comment feed where they may weigh in on the discussion in real-time. Audience members are also responsible for voting for the winner of the debate.

A number of additional features, including an integrated coin-toss program and debate statistics, are also supported by the platform.

Other Approaches to Online Debates

KillerPolitics is taking a unique approach to online debates with its app, one with a focus specifically on the social aspect of the discussion. AI moderation is helpful for maintaining civil discussion, but the startup company will have to execute its technology with grace to ensure that the underlying algorithms are completely impartial.

Other online debate platforms have taken different approaches to enable structured discourse. For example, Brooklyn-based startup business Kialo has developed a program that helps users organize, map out, and understand the components of their arguments by connecting themes and rating them by importance. Users may also switch perspectives to view how others prioritize certain aspects of the same argument and see things differently.

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