The Kids Subscription Box Here to Save the Holidays

By Jemima McEvoy Sunday, November 15, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted life as we know it—and unfortunately, the holidays will not be spared. With many states still seeing rising cases, holiday shopping habits will likely have to be altered for the COVID-19 age. As people try to keep their distance from crowded malls and storefronts, online options will gain precedence. That’s why, with the holiday season swiftly approaching, kidpik has some ideas for how you can safely surprise your children this winter-time.

How kidpik Got Started

Kidpik is a New York City-based children’s fashion service founded in 2016 by true industry experts. The company’s founder, Ezra Dabah, and his team have worked in the children’s clothing industry for over three decades. They are known for their work building The Children’s Place, a children’s apparel and accessories specialty retailer which also markets under brands like Children’s Place, Baby Place, and Gymboree. The Children’s Place brought in $1.87 billion in 2019, so looking at history, kidpik has a bright future ahead.

Kidpik specifically caters to kids in sizes 4-16. Per a note from Dabah on the company’s website, the team came up with this idea “to help moms easily coordinate outfits for their kids, and it ended up being so much more than that. We take all the difficulty and guesswork of putting outfits together for your child; it’s convenient, time-saving, stress-free, exciting, and fun!”

The Subscription Boxes

The way kidpik works—and what makes it particularly useful this holiday season—is through a subscription-based model. Kidpik will send you a box with seven coordinated fashion pieces, including shoes, which can be used to create a minimum of three complete, stylish outfits. The box costs an average of $95 if you keep all the items; any you don’t like, you can return or exchange for free. All things considered, this is a great price for the number of high-quality clothing items you receive. Also, what’s unique about kidpik is that it does not charge a styling fee.

Because of all this, kidpik is ranked the #1 top clothing and subscription box for kids by My Subscription Addiction and Hello Subscription. Thousands of happy customers rave about the products with five-star reviews online, reporting satisfaction among parents and children alike. Furthermore, the coronavirus pandemic has exacerbated the need for safe, shippable solutions to keep kids happy and entertained through the holiday season.

"Subscriptions make for a thoughtful gift that carries the joy of unboxing beyond the holidays. This year kidpik offers even more—the convenience for gift givers who may be spending the holidays away from family, or who might prefer to have someone do the shopping for them, and still want to gift something that is personalized and thoughtful," said kidpik’s Chief Merchandising Officer Dina Sweeney in a recent news release.

Kidpik Catering to Consumers During Pandemic

The ongoing public health crisis has drastically changed consumer habits, leading to an increased reliance on online shopping, which is expected to continue as the pandemic rages on—if not further into the future. Shoppers, already moving away from brick-and-mortar business and favoring subscription-based models (which now cover everything from groceries to toothbrushes to socks to dog treats), have accelerated their distance from in-person shopping over the past few months. In fact, research shows than two-thirds of consumers have increased online shopping because of the coronavirus pandemic, with 50% of surveyed consumers saying they do more than 75% of their shopping online and 25% saying they do more than 90%. As a result, many businesses have pivoted to mostly online offerings.

Luckily, kidpik was ahead of the game. Moreover, to bolster its existing offerings, the children’s fashion company has announced a slew of new unique subscription boxes for the 2020 holiday season (at least there’s something to look forward to). The first is the “Sister, Sister Boxes,” which are two matching pre-styled boxes for sisters who like to coordinate clothing, which arrive in one shipment, ranging in price from $30 to $70 per outfit. The second is the “Mommy-and-Me Fashion” box, again, for those who like to match, but this time mom and daughter duos—ranging from $36.50 to $89.50 per outfit. Finally, there’s the “Family PJs” box, which provides cozy, coordinated pajamas for the entire family, available for under $30 in three colors. All these will be available for pre-order in November and will make for the most adorable Christmas card.

“The feedback on our subscription boxes, including our newly-launched boxes for boys, has been exceptional,” said Sweeney. “Kidpik’s service is meeting the new needs of parents who want a stress-free and safe way to shop.”

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