KBR Gains $48.5 Million From US Air Force Recompete to Support Optoelectronic Technology Research

By McKenzie Carpenter Monday, April 26, 2021

KBR, a company that provides technology, science, and engineering solutions, announced the business has raised $48.5 million for a United States (US) Air Force task order to aid in optoelectronic technology research.

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About KBR

KBR is a Houston-based science, technology, and engineering solutions company that works across a variety of markets such as defense, aerospace, industrial, intel and data, and more. Originally founded as a construction business, KBR has since evolved into an innovative solutions company that provides solutions for transportation infrastructures, fertilizer plants, maritime research, among other sectors.

The business has even established a Zero Harm health, safety, and security environment (HSSE) policy that is recognized internationally by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and nationwide by The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). This policy promotes not only safety and responsibility in the workplace but also environmental sustainability responsibility when it comes to operating the business.

In addition, the company is also actively involved in supporting local communities. The business claims that since 2007, KBR has donated more than $20 million to charities around the world. Furthermore, the company states that its annual Houston charity golf tournament has raised more than $6 million since 2007 for local and national nonprofit organizations.

$48.5 Million for Optoelectronic Technology

KBR announced in a press release it has been awarded a $48.5 million contract. This figure is a cost-plus, fixed-fee task order under the Department of Defense Information Analysis Centers (DoD IAC) Multiple Award Contracts to support optoelectronic research for the US Air Force Research Laboratory Sensors Directorate's Optoelectronic Technology Branch (RYDH). Optoelectronic technology is a new technology, formed from a combination of photon and electronic technologies, which essentially turns electrical energy into light with the use of semiconductors.

Byron Bright, global government solutions president at KBR, said in a statement, “Our team will advance optoelectronic technology research through this recompete...We’re excited to continue our collaborative relationship with RYDH, which has already produced 45 conference presentations and four patents awarded as a direct result of our ongoing work over the last five years.”

The company has been working alongside the Air Force’s RYDH since 2010 and has aided in the research and development of laser systems.

According to a company statement, KBR plans on using its new capital to “perform analyses of military and commercial developmental devices with emphasis on emerging electronic, plasmonic, electro-optic, and photonic technology.” Some of these new devices include lasers, waveguides, detectors, and focal plane arrays. Semiconductors, nonlinear crystals, and laser gain media will also be analyzed by the business.

The new capital will support optoelectronic technology research over a five-year period in Dayton, Ohio.

The news of this capital recompete came shortly after KBR entered into several other contracts with the US Air Force, US Navy, United Kingdom (UK) Naval Defence, and the Australian Defence Force (ADF), resulting in the business gaining hundreds of millions of dollars in funding to support various projects.

Mordor Intelligence reports the optoelectronics market was valued at $5.14 billion in 2019 and is projected to reach $9.63 billion by 2026 — a CAGR of 10.25%.

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