Kashi Joins 1% for the Planet as Company Works Toward Environmental Sustainability

By Thomas Price Monday, April 19, 2021

With a significant focus being placed on environmental sustainability, many companies and organizations have been investing resources and money into the effort. This is now the case for food and grain company Kashi, who recently joined up with environmental organization 1% for the Planet to donate a portion of its annual business to climate and wildlife causes. The recent announcement comes as the company looks for new ways to become more sustainable moving forward into the future.

Kashi granola bar box.

Kashi and 1% for the Planet

Kashi joining 1% for the Planet will help the company to make annual contributions. In fact, the company will now be committing to donating 1% of its total business to a series of environmental organizations and causes. More specifically, through 1% for the Planet, the business contributions will support tree-planting efforts, wildlife protection, plastic consumption reduction, climate policy lobbying, among other causes.

As part of the partnership, Kashi and 1% for the Planet will be hosting three different virtual events that will discuss the impact that the business will make with the new contributions.

When commenting on the new partnership, CEO of 1% for the Planet Kate Williams said, “ Even amid the environmental crisis, only 3% of total philanthropy goes to the planet. 1% for the Planet is on a mission to change this. Our membership model drives critical philanthropic support to address the most urgent environmental issues of our time. We couldn't be more excited to welcome Kashi into our network. Becoming a 1% for the Planet member is an investment in ethical business and the future of our planet—we know that Kashi will leverage membership to deepen their commitment to people and the planet.”

Outside of the new partnership, Kashi has also been making strides within its own company to become more environmentally sustainable moving forward.

Kashi and Environmental Consciousness

While the new pledge to donate annual business sales to environmental causes is a start, the company has also been making other major commitments to the planet internally. In fact, Kashi has created the Certified Transitional program. The new program helps farmers who grow crops for the company to easily transition their traditional growing methods and products toward organic, sustainable practices. Kashi helps through financial compensation for the rises in costs and commitments to buy the transitional grains to use in their own food products.

Kashi is looking to reduce its overall carbon impact. While no changes to the current business practices will be instated yet, the company will be purchasing carbon offsets. Kashi will also more closely measure its overall emissions and impact from ongoing operations.

When commenting on the new partnership and environmental initiatives, Director of Brand Marketing Melanie Hall said, “There was no better time than Earth Month to announce our pledge to the environment through 1% for the Planet. Kashi has prioritized bettering the planet through our Fair-Trade ingredients, commitment to developing recyclable and compostable packaging, and Certified Transitional farming program. Publicly pledging a percentage of our sales to environmental organizations was the natural next step for Kashi to show its dedication to our planet."

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