Johnnie Walker Makes Major Sustainability Push as Company Distills Carbon Neutrality Plans

By Thomas Price Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Industries of all types have been making significant adjustments to business operations in order to become more environmentally sustainable. This has now extended to the alcohol business industry. Whiskey company Johnnie Walker has made a new plan for long-term sustainability and carbon neutrality. This will extend to all areas of production and will help the company to maintain whiskey production well into the future without the drag on natural resources that alcohol creation oftentimes takes.

A shelf of Johnnie Walker whiskey bottles.

Johnnie Walker Sustainability Plan

The largest hallmark of the new sustainability goal from the company comes from its plan to make all whiskey production 100% carbon neutral. A large way that the company plans to do this will be by ensuring that 100% of the distilleries run by the business harness renewable energy. These two steps will serve as the most significant sustainability benchmarks for the whiskey company and its future plans to be reached by the self-imposed deadline of 2030.

Other commitments made by the business will include transitioning all packing materials to recyclable, reusable, or compostable materials as well as making significant investments toward protecting and restoring natural lands in Scotland. More specifically, Johnnie Walker will be contributing to organizations working to maintain and restore natural peatlands along with organizations that will protect and plant trees throughout the country.

60% of all glass will now be sourced from recycled materials for all bottle production by 2025, boosting overall sustainability. This will save the company around 13,000 tons of carbon emissions every single year. Additionally, all glass bottles will now be 25% lighter, which will allow for reduced distribution costs and lowered transportation emissions. Johnnie Walker will also be reducing water usage across business operations by 20%, saving an estimated 76 Olympic pools’ worth of water every year.

Johnnie Walker and Sustainable Socializing Plans

Alongside the more tangible environmental benchmarks, Johnnie Walker is aiming to reinvent the drinking experience by focusing on what the business calls “sustainable socializing.” The company will be creating a new bar that focuses on this idea of sustainable socializing. This new bar will be created with the help of drink pioneer Ryan Chetiyawardana, CEO of Package Free Lauren Singer, and global community The World’s Most Rubbish.

This debut bar will open sometime later this year. After this, the bar focusing on sustainability will go global, rolling out locations all over the world in several different business markets.

When commenting on the new environmental business plan and sustainability bar, global brand director of Johnnie Walker Julie Bramham said, “We want everything we do to be more sustainable across every aspect of our brand and the new drinks experience is where we bring that all together. It's a space where the set-up, the furniture, the operations, processes, and drinks will all be as sustainable as can be. But it will also be - simply and importantly - a brilliant bar experience, something we've all been missing in recent times. It's the way things should be now and we're proud to be pushing boundaries so that people can have a better choice. What if, by going out for the night, you could help make the world just a little bit better? This is one of the most exciting things we've ever done.”

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