Startup Jigsaw Raises $3.7 Million to Be the Next Dating App Disrupter

By Jemima McEvoy Monday, February 22, 2021

Jigsaw has raised $3.7 million to disrupt the dating app experience. The UK-based startup is part of a crowded field of companies vying to appeal to users focused on deeper connections with an “anti-superficial” dating app platform. Though the competition is steep, the company’s unique pitch — and now its big bag of cash — could be enough to give the business the edge it needs.

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What Is Jigsaw?

The startup was founded in Manchester, England, in 2016 by Alex Durrant and Max Adamski. The pair — then classmates at the university — told TechCrunch that they conceived the idea for the business based upon their own dating woes: they found dating apps to be too superficial.

The pitch from this startup? The face of every user will be covered by a jigsaw puzzle whose pieces will be removed with every interaction with a potential love interest. Filters are also banned from this startup. “Jigsaw is for people who want character and conversation, not fakes and filters,” says the company on its website.


Unfortunately for Jigsaw, it’s not the only company competing for the label of “anti-superficial” dating app. The startup is battling it out against a range of other companies marketing themselves similarly — including S’More, a startup with the pitch of blurring users’ photos, which recently raised over $2.1 million in seed funding, and Taffy, a company that does the same. Other startups include Willow and INYN, which have each gained modest traction.

Money and Investors

Jigsaw has earned a significant amount of cash confidence since it officially launched a couple of years ago. The dating app startup pulled in $200,000 for its business in November 2016, according to Crunchbase, and then a much larger sum of $1 million in January 2019 in a seed round.

The most recent fundraising round for the dating app company — announced in February — adds another $3.7 million to the business’s stockpile. The seed round was led by The Relationship Corp., a self-described “lead generation and subscription dating services company” with backing from both UK and US-based angel investors interested in the business.

The startup hopes to use this money to bolster its expansion to the United States (US). The app has about 150,000 registered users to date, the company told TechCrunch, and just 50,000 of those are in the US. Furthermore, the business said it is hoping to hit half a million US users in the next six months.

Final Takeaways

The company doesn’t lack an engaging mission; however, it faces the issue of differentiating itself in a crowded industry. What dating app company Jigsaw does with its seed money will dictate its success in altering — hopefully for the better — our love lives.

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