Japanese Company ARM Launches Automation of CNC Programming Technology

By Elijah Labby Monday, February 15, 2021

The Japanese company ARM recently launched a technology that allows a business to use AI (artificial intelligence) to automate numerical control programs from a distance.

The technology is called ARMCODE1 and plays into the growing field of computer numerical control, or CNC, which allows users to operate 3D printing business technology and other industrial company tools remotely.

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The Benefits of a Company Like ARM

The CNC machining company says the technology has three main benefits, which the business outlined in a press release announcing the new company technology.

Firstly, it allows the “full automation of NC programming in the field of metal processing,” which could mean a safer business environment for users of the technology. Metal processing is a potentially physically dangerous business for a CNC machinery company to be in, and reducing employee risk is always a good idea.

Second, it permits a “system of automatic quotation and machine status monitoring by mobile devices, which can accelerate digital transformation of small-lot production factories.” In other words, you can monitor the functionality of the devices via your phone, allowing you to make sure the business processes most important to your CNC machining company are always in view.

Finally, “ARM's unique algorithm [enables] highly accurate machining.” With a computer central to the CNC machining company development process, mistakes made by a normal human are less of a consideration, letting business owners get back to what they want to do — monitor their business.

The Motivation for ARM Business Owner Hirayama Takayuki

ARM Chief Executive Officer and company founder Hirayama Takayuki wrote on the CNC company’s blog that his goal, ever since he was a child, was innovative business ownership.

“I dreamed to establish an engineering company from a young age, and now those dreams have finally come to fruition,” he wrote. “From the beginning I had but one simple vow; to ensure by [sic] client’s success and satisfaction.”

The CNC machining company is now taking reservations for ARMCODE1’s launch on its website.

The Market for an NC Company like ARMCODE1

It’s a solid idea in a solid CNC machinery business marketplace. The market for a CNC company or business like ARMCODE1 is growing at a compounded annual rate of over 5% and is anticipated to reach a value of $117.65 billion by 2027, according to Fortune Business Insights. And Fortune anticipates that the demand for a CNC machinery business like ARM and ARMCOD1 will continue to grow even after that.

“The market is expected to thrive due to the growing demand for greater efficiency in complex machining products,” the company writes. “In addition, an increase in demand for high precision and low operating costs, along with technological advancements in production processes, is further influencing the popularity of CNC machine tools.”

You can check out the ARMCODE1 business launch on their reservation website.

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