Iziwork Raises $43 Million as Startup Develops Temporary Work Platform

By Thomas Price Tuesday, January 26, 2021

With the job market during the COVID-19 pandemic being less than ideal, many unemployed people have been looking for temporary work in a variety of industries. The new surge in those looking for work has led to an increased demand for platforms or employment tools that can help increase job search efficiency. Iziwork is a startup that has developed a business platform specifically to help people find temporary jobs. The startup has raised incredibly strong funding in its most recent round. Considering the influx of unemployed people and the demand for temporary work, what does Iziwork do, how much money did they raise, and what are the future plans for the startup as they begin to inject the money into their business?

Iziwork’s Platform and Recent Funding Round

Iziwork is a startup based in France that has developed a platform specifically for people looking for temporary work and companies that are seeking temporary employees. Candidates looking for work can simply upload their profile information onto the mobile app, and they will then receive personalized recommendations based on that information. As simple as the process is, the results have also been incredibly successful for their business.

In fact, 95% of all assignments that are posted onto the platform by a company are filled within 4 hours. The speed in which these assignments are filled has something to do with the immense popularity that Iziwork’s platform has already garnered. Furthermore, the company has 2,000 different companies and 800,000 candidates active on the platform in just the regions directly surrounding France and Italy. Due to this popularity, Iziwork has attracted some serious business funding.

In Iziwork’s most recent funding round, the business raised a strong $43 million. The funding round had no specific leader but had participation from Cathay Innovation and Bpifrance Large Venture fund. The addition of $43 million brings the startup’s total capital up to $68 million — an impressive feat considering that Iziwork only started in September of 2018. The startup has solid plans for using the money as well.

The main areas of focus for the startup’s future plans include expansion both in France and surrounding European countries as well as the addition of some hefty tech improvements. Considering the 800,000 current candidates and this new round of funding, it appears that the company should surpass its app’s user milestones soon.

Final Conclusions

The economic downturn due to the pandemic has only increased the number of people looking for temporary work. Especially with furloughed employees, the need for work until they can resume their careers is massive. Iziwork’s platform looks to be both popular amongst candidates and companies alike, making it an appealing startup to investors. With a major infusion of capital, a strong user base of both candidates and companies, and plans to expand into new markets, Iziwork is proving to be a startup worth watching as it continues to grow.

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