Iteratively Raises Business Funding as Google’s Venture Fund Backs the Startup

By Thomas Price Monday, February 8, 2021

Businesses and companies of all types have been integrating more customer data into their own systems to better understand how consumer behavior to sell their own products. However, much of that data can be useless without proper customer data analytics software. Iteratively is a tech startup company that has built software specifically designed to reduce business issues and inefficiencies in data analytics. Its newly raised capital will help further its own business expansion, and its analytics software has already made major waves in the industry, with notable companies already utilizing their product.

A screenshot of Iteratively's software.

Iteratively’s Product and Growth

Iteratively is a tech startup based in Seattle that has developed software built specifically to create an easier, more efficient, and cost-effective system for data analytics. The startup business achieves this goal by offering streamlined tracking, an easily integrated system that fits with the existing data stack tools, and top of the line instrumentation for developers.

Iteratively is meant to work with a company’s already existing data analytics stack, seamlessly integrating with major business products such as Amplitude, Facebook Analytics, Google Analytics, Heap, Snowplow, and many others. On top of this, the startup offers high-quality data privacy and security by running its software on third-party cloud infrastructure with strong backgrounds and histories in privacy. The effectiveness of the product has made the company incredibly popular among many different businesses.

In fact, when the software was first introduced to the market, the startup saw several companies use it, such as Artifact Uprising, Box, Dribble, Octopus, and Chameleon, among others. This popularity within growing businesses such as these has led to significant interest from several different investors.

Iteratively’s Funding Round and Future Plans

In Iteratively’s most recent funding round, the startup raised $5.4 million. The funding round was led by Google’s venture capital firm, Gradient Ventures with participation from Fika Ventures and PSL Ventures. The company plans to use this funding in order to further expand their current business by hiring a larger team and heavily investing in engineering and improvements to the software.

When commenting on the software and goals for the future, the current CTO and Co-Founder of the business, Ondrej Hrebicek, said in a statement, “Data is very much a team sport - it involves almost every team in a data-led organization. That said, there’s very little tooling out there that’s built for both non-technical teams like product and marketing as well as engineers and front-end developers. With Iteratively, we have built a platform and workflows where all the relevant stakeholders can work together to ensure the data they collect is accurate, complete and meaningful.”

Iteratively has achieved a strong customer base of growing companies, and with its recent capital and solid goals for the future, it looks well set to see continued success in 2021. If the company is to see its customer base grow and receive more funding in the future, the startup will easily build upon its already strong core product.

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