Isotropic Systems Raises Strong Funding as Startup Creates New Satellite With Huge Capabilities

By Thomas Price Saturday, February 13, 2021

With so many companies and businesses building major connectivity networks and infrastructures, satellites have become an integral part of companies operating at a high level around the globe. Unfortunately, this can be an inefficient process that leaves certain areas with spotty connections in spite of a company’s best efforts. These issues have left a greater need for higher connective power within a higher throughput satellite. Tech startup Isotropic Systems is looking to be the solution companies and businesses are looking for. The startup recently closed a massive funding round that could potentially bring its product to a level of scalability to change satellite production forever.

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Isotropic Systems’s Product and Applications

Isotropic Systems is a tech startup based in the United Kingdom that has developed a multi-beam satellite terminal that will allow for companies to connect to multiple satellite networks without a loss in signal, speed, or quality. On top of this, the terminals will also have universal modem bays, limitless bandwidth, product scalability over time, and reduced power needs. Not only will the satellite terminals be incredibly efficient and more powerful, but the startup will also be incredibly useful across a variety of different industries.

In fact, the startup and its product will be useful in application for businesses in fields such as consumer terminals in access points in unconnected countries, aeronautical connections for in-flight internet, buses for on the move connection, commercial maritime uses, river ferries, mobile backhaul, rail, and most importantly, applications in government defense. This versatility and effectiveness have brought interest in the business from several different investors.

Company Funding and Future Plans

In Isotropic Systems’s Series B funding round, the company raised a strong $40 million. The funding round was led by SES with participation from Boeing HorizonX, Space Angels, Orbital Ventures, and notably, the UK Government. With this funding, the startup is on pace to accelerate production speed up to 2022, with the company being able to support satellite launches from that year onward.

Beyond this, the startup also plans to open a 20,000-foot testing and technology facility near its current company headquarters. This will also help the business create over 150 new jobs as well, pushing the growth of the company even further.

When commenting on the recent funding and state of the business, CEO and founder of Isotropic Systems, John Finney said in a statement, “This unique, cost-effective solution has allowed us to attract world class investment support from our industry, which in turn will allow us to unlock significant export revenue for the UK economy and across the satellite sector. As we grow our UK-based team, collaborative partnerships and capabilities, we are proud to support tech innovation in the UK to solve connectivity challenges across a broad range of key vertical and geographical markets around the world.”

Considering the major funding, extensive plans to expand the business, and the support the startup is receiving from the government, Isotropic Systems looks well-positioned to see future success, especially as the business launches its facility and product in 2022.

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