Investors Back Sports Technology Startup Business Supersapiens With $13.5 Million Funding Round

By James White Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Fueling up before a long run or intense workout is key to maximizing performance for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. The challenging business is finding the right balance of nutrients to ensure a proper workout. Too much or too little can adversely affect a training session. Startup company Supersapiens seeks to bring continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) technology into the sports scene to make the business of optimizing nutrient intake easier for athletes. The sports app company recently closed a $13.5 million early-stage funding round.

Supersapiens mock up of their first hardware product, a wrist wearable called the Supersapiens Reader Version Zero.

"I have been using glucose as a proxy for performance for the past 33 years,” said Phil Southerland, founder and CEO of Supersapiens. “As an athlete, I am intimately aware of the impact glucose has on the ability to achieve your goals. It gives me a great sense of pride to now bring this knowledge to the world, as there is no better tool for visualizing your training and recovery than sport CGM.”

Leading the funding for the sports app business was MICA Ventures AG. Additional support for Supersapiens came from investors including CM Ventures, Rubix Ventures, Swiss Startup Group, and Wahoo Fitness.

Other investors who participated in the financing round for the sports app company included angel investors: Ed Baker, former Uber VP of Product and Growth; Harvey Schwartz, former co-president and CFO of Goldman Sachs; Rémi Duchemin, co-founder of OC Sport; and Eric Min, Zwift founder and CEO. The latest funding for Supersapiens will be used to help the business expand into the global market.

Bringing CGM Into the Sports Training Business

Launched in 2020 by Southerland and co-founders Todd Furneaux, Jay Robbins, Gagan Chaudhari, and Mert Erdir, the sports app startup draws on the power of the Libre Sense Glucose Sport Biosensor, developed in partnership with medical device company Abbott. The wearable technology simply attaches to the upper arm and inserts a small, needle-like device that captures real-time data on glucose levels.

With the biosensor attached, the Supersapiens app takes the information from the CGM technology and presents it in an easily accessible manner. The app from the startup company allows users to see how different fuel sources and foods affect their glucose levels before, during, and after training sessions or events. Users can also use the app to determine their optimal glucose levels for workouts of varying intensities. The startup company allows users to compare stats on the Supersapiens app from previous events and exercises to hone in on the best fueling strategy.

"Sports continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) is an absolute game changer for all athletes,” said Michael Hartweg, founder of MICA Ventures AG. “This is the beginning of a massive performance revolution.”

Breaking Into the Sports Technology Industry

Supersapiens is attempting to disrupt the sports technology industry by implementing CGM technology that typically is marketed toward those impacted by diabetes. The startup company sees untapped potential in the wearable device and brings its business to an expanding industry. Market research expects the sports technology market to grow at a CAGR of 16.8% from 2021 to 2028.

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