Investors Back Startup Company Soona With $10.2 Million Series A for Virtual Photo Shoots

By James White Sunday, April 25, 2021

While browsing online businesses and ecommerce marketplaces, it is important to see images of what one is trying to buy. Whether it's a new piece of furniture, clothing, or even a new beauty product, images help the ecommerce company make the sale. For a small business, the presentation of its products and eye-catching visuals are key to drawing in new customers. Startup photography company Soona recently raised $10.2 million from investors to help those in the ecommerce business take professional photos and videos that showcase their products.

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“Two-thirds of a customer’s online shopping decisions come down to the photos they see,” said Liz Giorgi, co-founder and CEO of Soona. “...soona is the first product to combine quality, speed and price. If you’re launching a business, growing rapidly online, or expanding into new channels and markets, soona is the right solution. We are replacing the most painful and fragmented parts of content creation, which is an outdated and expensive process.”

Union Square Ventures led the latest Series A funding for Soona. Previous investors in the ecommerce photography company include Irish Angels, Matchstick Ventures, Starting Line, 2048 Ventures, Techstars Ventures, and more. Investors backed the photography company last year with two seed rounds amounting to $7.1 million. To date, Soona has generated over $18 million in support for its company. The company will use the latest funding to grow its technology and introduce a subscription service.

Joining the Virtual Photo Shoot

Founded in 2019 by Giorgi and entrepreneur Hayley Anderson, the photography startup company provides professional photography services to ecommerce business owners looking to show off their products. However, the photography startup allows customers to participate in the photo shoot digitally, allowing them to direct the process and get the perfect image quickly.

Users start the process by booking a photo or video shoot with the company. The business then ships their products to Soona and schedules a time for the virtual shoot once the items arrive. Customers join the shoot and provide feedback to photographers in real-time. Anytime during or after the shoot, users simply select the photos and videos they want to purchase and can expect them to be delivered within 24 hours.

Furthermore, the Colorado-based photography startup allows users to select from add-ons like a Photoshop touch-up, a transparent background, and a copy of the uncompressed image. The business also provides professional services, including modeling, styling, and hair and makeup.

“We’re using technology to scale creativity and making high-quality content accessible to all brands through our shoppable and interactive interface,” said Hayley Anderson, co-founder and CCO of the startup company. “By leveraging our proprietary technology, we are helping clients eliminate the physical and human limitations that exist within the content industry.”

Capturing the Photography Market

In the age of ecommerce shopping, professional-quality product photos are essential to successful sales. Market research values the US photography industry at $10.9 billion. With Soona providing a fast turnaround for professional product photos, the growing startup will likely find competition from services like Squareshot.

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