Instagram Launches New Features for Content Creators

By Adriaan Brits Monday, July 13, 2020

Since its inception in 2010, Instagram has become one of the most popular social media sites to date with over a billion active users — 25 million of which are business accounts. Some of the biggest questions for businesses is how to use Instagram to benefit their company, and what platform features are available to assist with their marketing strategies.

Luckily, Instagram has recently launched new features that advertisers, content creators, and marketers alike can look forward to.

Instagram Launches New Features for Content Creators

Paid Influencer Badges

Content creators are a central part of the app and carry an enormous amount of weight. Both users and brands love content creators as they drive more users to IGTV, which Instagram is looking to draw more users toward.

As a new way for content creators to make money on the platform, Instagram is now offering badges that users can purchase during a creator’s IGTV Live. A badge lasts for the entire live session and offers unique perks like more noticeable comments and access to other badge holders.

Monetizing With IGTV Ads

Instagram has also announced that IGTV will now have short video ads that will appear when users click to watch someone’s IGTV Videos. These ads will be made mobile-friendly and run for a maximum of 15 seconds.

Creators that use IGTV and work to send traffic there directly benefit from this. When users click on their IGTV video preview and see an ad, the creator gets a share of advertising revenue.

The challenging aspect for Instagram may be balancing advertiser, creator, and user happiness. Among the “ad experiences” the platform will potentially be trying is the ability to skip advertisements.

Shopping Tags in Captions

Instagram has made big strides with on-platform shopping. Last month, an updated version of Instagram’s “shops” for businesses was rolled out.

Currently, businesses can only tag their posts’ images and stories with clickable product tags. However, Instagram is currently looking at testing shopping tags that influencers can add to their posts’ captions.

Age Limits on Who Can See Your Account

Instagram has long had strict policies for who you can advertise to. Now they are introducing a “set age limit” for Instagram accounts too. This age-gating can be useful for brands trying to reasonably restrict access to their channels. Public business accounts can now choose to limit who can view their Instagram profile based on age.

To set up age-gating, you will need to go to your profile settings and choose either business or creator (depending on the type of account you have), then click minimum age, set up any age restrictions you would like to have which you can change age any point.

Inbox Organization

You can now break your inbox into two different tabs — Primary and General — which will allow you to sort messages based on their priority and importance. You will be able to swipe on a message and sort them accordingly by moving from one to another.

Messages in your primary tab will automatically be the ones you see first, and its automatic notifications setting can let you know whenever you get a response.

The General tab is best for messages that don’t need a response or immediate engagement. While this tab won't automatically enable notifications, you can change these settings manually.

Getting Verified on Instagram

The key to unlocking your best Instagram content is having a verified account, and the process of getting a blue checkmark next to your username is quite simple.

Here’s how to request verification for your Instagram account:

1. Make sure to log into the account you wish to have verified — be it business or personal.

2. Select the menu icon located on the top-right corner of your profile.

3. Select “Account” in the “Settings” menu that appears at the bottom-right of your screen.

4. Select “Request Verification.”

5. Add your full name to the form or, for business accounts, the full name of whoever manages the account.

6. Attach a photo of your ID. For an individual, a driver’s license, passport, or national identification card will work. For a business, you can use any official business document such as a tax filing, business formation documents, or even a recent electrical bill.

7. Select the blue “Send” button at the bottom of the screen to submit your request.

Your request will go to individual moderators who will review your account and decide whether to approve you for an Instagram badge.

Once they make their decision, you’ll receive a notification in the app telling you whether or not you are Instagram verified. If your request is denied, you can submit a new form after 30 days.

Learn more about the verification process and how to keep it once you have it with our How to Get Verified on Instagram guide.

Final Thoughts

As the world of social media evolves, so will the companies that provide the platforms. These new changes from Instagram aim to help content creators thrive on the platform and interact with users as efficiently as possible.

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