Instacart Commits $1 Million to New Ad Initiative to Support Black-owned Brands on the Platform

By Thomas Price Thursday, June 10, 2021

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With a larger emphasis being placed on diversity, inclusion, and equity in the business world, ways of supporting Black and minority-owned businesses are being promoted. Online grocery company Instacart is the latest to put forward new efforts. As part of the commitment from the company to fight systemic racism, Instacart will be dedicating a new ad initiative to promote and celebrate Black-owned businesses on its platform.

Instacart’s New Ad Initiative

The newest ad initiative from Instacart will be showcasing several Black-owned business brands to local and national audiences. Primarily, the business owners will have consumer packaged goods (CPGs) so that sales can be available to a larger group of customers. Instead of promoting any business without consultation, Instacart will distribute at least $1 million worth of ad credits to business owners to use at their own discretion.

The ad credits can be spent on national or local “Featured Products” spots, where a business will have its food product promoted on the front page of Instacart above millions of other choices. The Featured Products offering has been proven to boost overall sales and increase awareness for goods. Outside of providing high-priority digital shelf space, the company offers delivery promotions, coupons, and hero banners that further drive user engagement.

Alongside the actual credits, the online grocery company will be providing resources to business owners, including a designated team to support participating Black-owned brands. Instacart will also hold a monthly training series to help business owners maximize their credits and improve their own advertising campaigns.

When commenting on participating in the new ad program from Instacart, founder and CEO of Partake Foods, Denise Woodward, said, “I am excited to build upon our partnership with Instacart through this initiative. To create systemic diversity, equity and inclusiveness within the CPG food and beverage space, it's imperative that more companies show this kind of action-oriented support to underrepresented founders. I'm grateful that Instacart is taking this step and hope it inspires even more companies with similar platforms to follow.”

Instacart’s Larger Commitment to Equity

The new ad initiative from Instacart is a small part of how the company plans to address systemic inequality for people of color. Outside of promoting Black businesses, Instacart has extended its partnerships with Feeding America and Food Banks Canada to address food insecurity, which disproportionately affects the Black community.

The company has also launched a partnership with the Boys & Girls Club of America to provide groceries and meals to 5,000 kids and their families.

When commenting on the new ad initiative, Chief Revenue Officer of Instacart Seth Dallaire said, “As our service grows, we believe Instacart has a unique opportunity to further amplify Black-owned and Black-led brand partners in the digital aisles. We want Instacart Ads to make a lasting impact on the CPG ecosystem by equipping emerging Black-owned brands with the tools, resources and investment needed to excel in online grocery. This is just a first step as we continue to focus on delivering equitable outcomes for historically underrepresented entrepreneurs and brands and create more opportunities for more companies to flourish.”

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