Inpixon Acquires Digital Workplace and Events Startup Company The CXApp

By James White Saturday, May 8, 2021

The virtual events business is booming as employers, universities, and event managers continue to operate in the digital work environment. Adapting to a virtual business model or hybrid company has been key to the success of many organizations during the global pandemic. Indoor data company Inpixon recently dipped into the industry with its acquisition of startup company The CXApp and its digital workplace experience app platform.

"This acquisition of The CXApp and its fusion with Inpixon's products... is a transformative step to grow our business significantly," said Nadir Ali, CEO of Inpixon. "Due to the increasing need for technologies that can support the changing demands of a hybrid workplace, The CXApp has experienced over 73% in revenue growth in 2020 as compared to the prior year and an even greater increase in demand and pipeline growth...”

According to a press release from the indoor data company, the acquisition will allow the businesses to work more efficiently and quickly to capture the digital workspace market. Financial terms of the acquisition were not disclosed. The app platform built by the startup company will allow Inpixon to offer its customers real-time mapping and positioning solutions for events and workplaces.

In addition, The CXApp and its existing team will be joining the larger indoor data company, granting them access to a wide pool of resources to develop their app platform. All existing customers using The CXApp platform will not experience any interruptions to the app service during the transition.

Mobile phones with CXApp user interfaces.

Enhancing the Digital Customer Experience

The CXApp was originally founded by Leon Papkoff with a mission to create an immersive on-site experience through its app. With applications across a variety of venues, including college campuses and workplaces, the app developed by the startup business sports a number of helpful features for event and workplace management that have captured the attention of Inpixon.

The app built by the startup company features building location mapping and tracking, allowing users to easily traverse the event venue and determine where they are at any given time. Users can also use the app from the startup business to build their own agendas and schedules for the event.

Beyond events, The CXApp platform can also be used to reserve meeting spaces and desks in the workplace. The startup company lets employees easily view available locations around the business, which are accurately managed with a number of guidelines such as limiting capacities and physical distancing requirements.

“We are pleased to have joined Inpixon, and we look forward to continuing the mutual success with our great ecosystem partners as we help businesses bring their employees back to the office in a safe and efficient manner that carries over well beyond the pandemic,” Papkoff said.

Capturing the Digital Workspace Industry

Inpixon aims to rapidly capture space in the growing virtual workplace market with its acquisition of the startup app business. Market research projects the global digital workspace industry to reach over $72 billion by 2026 at a CAGR of 10%. Inpixon currently sports a market cap of $116.59 million.

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