iAero Group Looks Toward Sustainability by Offering First 100% Carbon-Neutral Air Charter Flights

By Thomas Price Wednesday, March 17, 2021

With travel looking to ramp up once again as business restrictions begin to ease, consumers are looking for ways to still enjoy travel without harming the environment. Considering the carbon emissions released from air travel, this goal can be difficult. However, private charter company iAero Group has just announced new plans to offer the first 100% carbon-neutral flights as the business continues to push its long-term sustainability program.

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How iAero Group Will Achieve This

iAero Group is a private company that works in three different business sectors within the aviation industry. iAero Thrust focuses on engine repairs, parts, and maintenance; iAero Tech has been working toward upgrading aircraft to the newest business and consumer standards; finally, iAero Airways is the commercial and charter flights portion of the company. iAero Airways is the largest charter airline in the United States (US) and makes up the most consumer-focused part of iAero Group’s business.

The company recently announced that, as part of its overall environmental sustainability program, all commercial Part 121 air charter flights will now be 100% carbon neutral. While a net-zero emissions aircraft has yet to be invented, the company will achieve this offering through a series of carbon offsets that help the business to reduce carbon emissions through investments in other areas.

This new carbon-neutral air charter flight is part of iAero Group’s movement alongside global environmental sustainability trends in the aviation business as a whole. According to a recent study, the EPA estimates that air travel accounts for 12% of all transportation emissions. Moreso, air travel is responsible for 3% of total carbon emissions in the US. Total emissions could triple by 2050, given the current rate of growth within the industry.

Sustainability Efforts Elsewhere

While specific details about what other methods iAero Group will be using outside of carbon offsets in order to reach carbon neutral air charter flights is still unknown, the company has a wider spread sustainability program. iCAIR is a sustainability platform created by the company in order to work on larger ideas and practical plans, which can be put into action throughout the different facets of the business.

In a statement released alongside the announcement, iAero Group’s CEO Robert Caputo said, “With iAero Airway's growing fleet of Boeing 737 and 767 aircraft flying thousands of flight hours each year, we know we can make a positive impact by joining the fight to protect our climate. iAero Group's environmental sustainability actions represent only one part of our overall sustainability strategy which will also focus on social and economic areas into the future. All of which will directly support our overall purpose of elevating people and places.”

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