Huntington Avenue Ventures Closes $1 Million Fund for Investing Into Northeastern University Startups

By Thomas Price Monday, May 10, 2021

With venture capital investing growing in massive capacity all over the world, many investment business strategies have become far more specialized. In opposition to more traditional funding plans, many venture funds now have an incredibly niche focus to have a closer understanding of the market. This is certainly the case for investing company Huntington Avenue Ventures which recently announced its first close on a venture fund. The fund will focus entirely on startup companies that are affiliated with Northeastern University.

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Huntington Avenue Ventures’s Investing Philosophy

Investment company Huntington Avenue Ventures works radically different than most traditional venture funds in the industry. Instead of a region or specific industry, the company instead focuses its business on Northeastern University. This incredibly small scope allows Huntington Avenue Ventures to be intimately familiar with the startup or business the company plans to invest in. Additionally, by leveraging its vast alumni network, the company can help assist any startup in building a scale-ready business model even after initial investments.

Huntington Avenue Ventures was founded by the three partners, Mitchell Groves, Katya Pourteymour, and Alfston Thomas. Each has had an extensive background in venture capital with business experience across several different aspects of the industry.

The company will focus mainly on investing in startup companies at Northeastern University that fall under six different areas of business. These business types are financial services, AI and data analytics, consumer goods and services, technology, industrial services, and marketplaces. Considering how wide the investment focus is, Huntington Avenue Ventures can keep a far more open mind on the different startup companies that arise.

When commenting on the most recent close of the first fund, Founding Partner Alfston Thomas said, “Northeastern alumni have started and led transformative companies including EMC, Lycos, Clean Harbors, Twitter, and Palo Alto Networks as well as fast growing startups such as Snyk, Digital Ocean, Axonius, Medly Pharmacy, and Starry. Over the last 15 years, Northeastern has experienced an unprecedented transformation into one of the top universities in America and HAV has conviction that graduates will continue to build industry defining businesses.”

First Fund from Huntington Avenue Ventures

This investment philosophy will be put to the test as Huntington Avenue Ventures recently passed its initial closing target on its first-ever fund worth $1 million. The company plans to reach a final goal of $2 million after its close. The fund will be used to invest in startup companies in pre-seed through Series A funding rounds. Furthermore, the company plans to invest anywhere between $25,000 and $125,000 into startup companies it sees business potential in and can continue to work closely with after funding.

The first startup in the Huntington Avenue Ventures portfolio is sales startup Aidentified, which has created a prospecting and relationship mapping tool to better help companies identify the best sales strategies moving forward.

When commenting on the investment strategy, Founding Partner Mitchell Groves said, “By tapping into the powerful alumni network we have developed relationships with executives in the top technology and consumer companies. As a result, our portfolio companies can better understand user needs, bolster its go-to-market strategy, and gain introductions to potential customers.”

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