Edtech Startup Company Honorlock Raises $25 Million for Remote Proctoring Software

By James White Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Over the course of the global pandemic, educational institutions have had to effectively transition courses and examinations to a digital format. This requires not only additional training for professors who lack experience in the virtual teaching business but also new software to bridge the gap between the physical classroom and the digital learning environment. Startup business Honorlock aims to help higher education institutions make the transition with its remote proctoring software. Investors recently backed the edtech startup in a $25 million Series B funding round.

“The pandemic highlighted an existing need for remote proctoring that honors and supports the test-taker experience while protecting the integrity of learning institutions,” said Michael Hemlepp, CEO of the edtech startup business. “The team at Honorlock is committed to creating a non-invasive and equalizing environment for all.”

Funding for the edtech business was driven by lead investor Owl Ventures. Other investors, including Defy Partners and Arsenal Growth, also showed support for the edtech company during the latest business financing round. Last year, Honorlock secured another $11.5 million in Series A funding for its edtech company. To date, the edtech startup has raised over $40 million from investors backing the company. The newest capital garnered by Honorlock will help the company accelerate its growth and bring its business to new markets.

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Proctoring From Afar

Founded in 2014 by entrepreneurs Adam Roth and Elena Soboleva, Honorlock allows higher education institutions to preserve academic honesty with a flexible software solution. The cloud-based software easily integrates with existing learning management platforms, so institutions can seamlessly adopt the program for their needs.

Proprietary technology from the startup company is able to scan web pages for copies of exams and automatically remove them. Furthermore, the platform prevents students taking exams from accessing unauthorized websites or using their mobile devices to find answers. Trained proctors from Honorlock also have the ability to drop in during a test-taking session to address any issues as they come up, which allows instructors to only review verified instances of cheating.

The edtech startup company designed its platform with students in mind. Those seeking to take their exam do not need to schedule a particular time slot with the browser-based software. Students need only install a Google Chrome plugin and verify their identity with a photo ID to begin testing.

“Academic institutions are in the process of a much-needed tech revolution, and it’s happening fast,” said Amit Patel, managing director at Owl Ventures. “Honorlock is helping move education forward by solving some of the most complex challenges schools face when building an effective and fair remote-learning infrastructure. The opportunity to be at the forefront of this shift to remote access is big, and we believe in this team’s ability and passion to lead the way.”

Capturing the Remote Proctoring Market

The startup business is entering a growing industry, especially as higher education institutions adapt to the digital format in the wake of the pandemic. Market research projects the global online exam proctoring market to reach over $1 billion by 2027.

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