Honda Furthers EV Push as Company Plans to Introduce Two Fully Electric SUVs by 2024

By Thomas Price Friday, March 12, 2021

As the push for lowered carbon emissions around the globe continues to be a major focus for companies in all areas of business, car manufacturing company Honda has taken another step forward. With the future of the automobile business looking to be electric, the company announced plans to introduce two fully electric SUVs into its lineup of vehicles by 2024. The new EV push from the car company furthers the plans for carbon emissions reduction by 2050 and deepens the EV competition amongst the many car companies currently fighting for market share.

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The New EV Model Details

Following a major push from both United States (US) legislators and global car companies to reduce emissions and focus business more on EV production, Honda plans to introduce two fully electric SUVs to its current lineup starting in 2024. While most of the details on the new EV models have not yet been released, what is known so far is that the car company will be splitting the models between the traditional Honda brand and the Acura brand.

The basic foundations and underpinnings of the EV models will come from a partnership with General Motors (GM), with Honda still providing the tops and other basic features. The car company has not been winning the race for more EV models, so the introduction of these SUVs will serve as a major point of entry for Honda as business in the auto industry as a whole begins to shift electric.

This announcement also falls in line with Honda’s goal of electrifying over two-thirds of their entire fleet of models by 2030, which comes as a part of the car company’s larger push to become more environmentally friendly in the upcoming years.

Honda’s Goal of Lowered Carbon Emissions

Outside of simply shifting its business toward EV production, Honda has also set goals for overall carbon emissions reductions through a variety of other methods. The baseline plan will be to reduce carbon emissions by 50% by 2050 in comparison to emissions from the year 2000. The car company has put forth several areas of concern that will be focused on in the upcoming years in order to achieve this.

The three major areas will be eliminating certain substances from production and business operations, creating more recyclable products, and eliminating scarce materials and resources from the manufacturing process.

The first step to that is reducing overall energy use per vehicle, which the car company has already done up to 14%. Other steps include moving the distribution side of business to 80% trains as opposed to trucks, increasing overall efficiency, and adding solar panels and wind turbines to Honda manufacturing centers to shift energy dependence.

These efforts, in combination with shifted business to EV production, will all be major cornerstones in the widespread effort to reduce Honda’s environmental impact.

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