Holon Solutions and ReferralPoint Collaborate as the Companies Create a Better Referral System

By Thomas Price Monday, January 25, 2021

The healthcare industry is continuously looking for ways to better optimize the many managing systems that help it operate. Especially with the COVID-19 pandemic stretching hospitals, healthcare providers, and doctors to their absolute limit, the need for more efficient and accurate systems for something such as referrals to specialists is massive. Holon Solutions and ReferralPoint are collaborating to create this new, optimized system. With the combined solutions and efforts from both companies, this new system should improve management costs and increase patient satisfaction. As this partnership further develops, what do Holon Solutions and Referral Point do, what will come of this collaboration, and what can we expect from their referral system in the near future?

Holon Solutions and ReferralPoint

Holon Solutions is a healthcare information technology company that mainly focuses on creating better patient outcomes and stronger financial performances of healthcare providers through the use of relevant, patient-specific information at the proper times.

ReferralPoint, on the other hand, is a healthcare referral management company that works specifically to increase revenue and lower costs for medical groups and payers. The company achieves this by eliminating leakage in the system and improving patient referrals to specialists through the use of data and a strong scheduling system. The two companies will be embedding their two solutions to the referral systems into one, which in turn should create a better overall experience for all parties involved.

The Collaborative Referral System

Holon Solutions’ work on this collaboration will most heavily focus on utilizing the healthcare provider’s electronic health records. Through the use of this system, a provider can then select the best specialist for a patient and refer him or her based on a number of factors, including health plan affiliations, provider outcomes data, distance from the patient’s place of living or work, and cost, among other things. Following this process, automatic messaging gets initiated, quickly moving forward from one patient referral to the next.

ReferralPoint’s solution essentially helps to better recognize gaps in patients’ care, which may need a referral by using technology from Holon Solutions in conjunction with the company’s own data and management.

When speaking on this newly announced collaboration between the two companies, CEO of Holon Solutions Jon Zimmerman said, “Enhancing Holon's Referrals capabilities with IdealMATCH means our clients have more tools for advancing their referral processes for greater business success, especially when it comes to increasing patient satisfaction while controlling network leakage and costs. Likewise, providing ReferralPoint with our Insights capabilities makes it much easier for users of ReferralPoint to identify when a referral is needed, qualify it, and complete the process through a streamlined workflow.”

Final Conclusions

By taking the most relevant technology from both ReferralPoint and Holon Solutions, the new collaborative effort will be able to better identify when a patient may need a referral to a specialist and provide that patient with the best possible referral for all parties involved. The partnership between the two companies should reduce costs for providers and patients, stronger revenue, and a more efficient overall system.

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